CIRCA 1943 - In this animated film, a cat who ate his owner's canary pretends to help her look for it, then makes her think it flew away.
1950s: UNITED STATES: teacher speaks to students in classroom. Students raise hands in class. Boy turns off lights in classroom. Students watch film in class.
Classroom Through Door Push
Two decorative snowmen - one plastic with light and another wooden with candle holder partly covered by fresh snow and standing close to green entry door of Swedish wooden red house. Show storm.
1990s: Man points at computer screen while talking to man. Men look at info on paper while talking. Stars in space. Car drives down road. Two people in car talk. Car passes building with sign.
Detroit, United States, 18th October 2016, FPV, CLOSE UP: Walking along dark narrow hallway in abandoned decaying psychiatric hospital. Moving past the weathered wooden doors and broken walls.
A man with crutches goes outside a creepy establishment.

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Band of burglars in mask breaking into house to commit robbery. Masked criminals entering the house


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