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Barbecue browned sausages on the hot grill, a person turn and put upon brazier
Home cooking - Close up of prepared wild catch duck being roasted in electric counter top rotisserie while fat starts to melt and drip.
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Raw Pork Cutlets Fried with Smoke on Grill, Grilled Minced Meat on Mangal, Cooking Burgers on Charcoal, Natural Meat, Fresh Pork Chop, Men's Food, Tasty Picnic on Nature, Bossy Meat, Summer Day, B-B-Q
Close-up of Chef Cooking Flambe Style Dish with Slices of liver on a hot frying pan in restaurant. hand in glove adds cane sugar to the dish in frying pan. Slow motion.

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Half-cooked Turkey Crown fresh from the oven

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