Movie Clapboard, action
3d animation of cinema clap with alpha mate
The director's clapboard on a black background
clapper for cinema with inscriptions hollywood, production, director, camera, date, scene, take
Front view on black electronic clapboard, time lapse
Ready for Your Close-Up Movie Film Clappers 3d Animation
Movie slate and gadgets on wooden table. 4K UHD video.

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Stock Video ID: 2147

Movie Clapboard, action

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  • 720 × 576 pixels • MPG

  • 318 × 240 pixels • MOV

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 footage of clapper board money smoke dark background
Dolly pan shot of a movie clapper on a white table.

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Movie Clapboard, action

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Three Dimensional Clapperboard that Claps out the takes. A great animation to use as part of a fun movie to cut between all those shots where the actor fluff's their lines or fall over the scenery.
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