Drone flying left to right. Aerial view of a helicopter standing on air base at sunset time.The main rotor blades are rotating slowly
oslo airport norway - ca november 2018: military chinook helicopter ch47 us army taxiing on ground side and front view turning slow motion
MARCH 2017 - ISTANBUL , TURKEY  Passenger airplane taxiing to the runway 4k
WEST BERLIN - 1974: aircraft in the strip of Tempelhof airport in 1974 in West Berlin
Dec.15,2015-Kunming,China: airplane driving on runway
Moscow, Russia, May 21, 2014: Russian transport helicopter Mi-38 and attack aircraft Mi-28N. Night hunter with rotating blades against the background of exhibition pavilions.
Moscow, Vnukovo, august 1, 2018. Official spotting, Official spotting. Soviet cargo plane IL-76 performs taxiing before takeoff.

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Coast Guard helicopter performing a river rescue

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