Tropical rain in the forest
Cannabis (Marijuana) - Shot 2
footage of a cluster of young banana fruit.
Green doors. Wood texture. Old shabby, irradiated paint. Old wooden doors
Pot Leaf Panoramic
video blooming medical cannabis sativa plant

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Stock Video ID: 1505

the aquatic larva of a fly moving among filamentous algae

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Although tiny, this microscopic gastrotrich resembles a dragon as it shovels its way through pond water debris
Copepod--live speciman in pond water.  Magnification 40X
 A microscopic view of an aquatic fly larva as it explores its watery world

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he anterior portion of a fly larva in a drop of pond water. Fly larva can be differentiated from aquatic worms, which are similar, in that fly larva have eye spots.
swimming snails or Sea Butterflies under the microscope. Creseidae families, Order Pteropoda, are small sea snails that live in the water near the surface, feeding on plankton,