Israeli police helicopter with loud speakers instructs citizens what to do after earthquake rocket attack tsunami during Operation Turning Point 17 drill. Karmiel Israel, June 14th, 2017
This is a video footage of a helicopter flying up in the cloudy sky. It's moving from the right side to the left.
SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE - FEB 11, 2018: Police helicopter keep order fly over public center streets during carnival days
Ambulance Helicopter
KERKYRA, GREECE - JULY 05, 2019: A passenger plane SMARTWINGS lands at Kerkyra Airport. Corfu island, Greece.
Coast Guard rescue helicopter flying away.
ZHUKOVSKY, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - AUG 12, 2012: Flying Mi-28N helicopter (Berkuts aerobatic team) on air show devoted to 100 anniversary of Russian Air Forces.

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news helicopter flies through air

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