firemen on the scene
Firefighters get instructions from their commander using words and hands during a drill in Ixal Tunnels. Nazareth, Israel, May 06, 2018
HAIFA, ISRAEL - MARCH 03, 2015: Firefighters rest after searching and finding casualties in a building full of smoke, during a drill of Haifa, Northern Israel Fire Brigade.
firemen preparing gear
Kyiv, Ukraine - 02.28.2020: a firefighter extinguishes a fire near a burnt-out store
firemen enter burning house
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MARCH 25, 2015: Training of rescue workers. In a face of strong smoke they need to find a hurt person, move him to a safe area and provide first aid.

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firemen putting on gear

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PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND - SEPTEMBER 16, 2010: Hazmat emergency response drill
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - DECEMBER 25 2014: firefighters at work

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