Exit sign flashes in different colors, abstract animation, metaphor, profit, energy, meditation
Panning across a red glowing exit sign and arrow within a building.
Glowing red exit sign close up
Bury St Edmunds, UK - June 23 2016: A house window with a poster for the Leave campaign on the day of the UK referendum, June 2016.
UNITED STATES 1970s: Sighted Man Feels Nervous as he Assists Blind Man Across Road
Zoom out shot of a glowing exit sign in an office in Scottsdale, Arizona
UNITED STATES 1950s: Scientist places molecule model on table next to label. Scientist changes molecule and adds new label for methanol. Wooden box containing plastic atoms.

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exit sign

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London. UK- 06.06.2020: The shop sign above a branch of KFC in red and white and the company's trademark and logo.
southampton, United Kingdom (UK) - 06 19 2018: Shot of T.K. Maxx Sign on Highstreet

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