Dirty baby diapers in the trash. Disposing of used nappies. The problem of environmental pollution with disposable plastic products
Surgeons preforming a cardiac catheterization in a hospital
Slowmotion of waste during COVID-19. Discarded to ocean coronavirus plastic gloves. Environmental and coast pollution of coronavirus. Trash in the beach threatening the health of oceans.-Dan
Pillow Foreground, Plant background
Breeze blowing the purple Morning glory flower.
Extreme close up of climbing vine plant.
Shallow depth of field. 
Selective focus on the blossom in the foreground.
Nature concept. Springtime concept
Surgeons preforming a cardiac catheterization in a hospital
Shallow DOF Nerium oleander shrub 4K 2160p 30fps UltraHD footage - Beautiful white dogbane family flower 3840X2160 UHD video

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spider on leaf

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plants covered with dust inside a house

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