Cattle Herd Many Cows Winter Sunset Cowboy Horseback Rider Ranching Herding Drive Ridgeline
Wild horses walking through a desert landscape during smokey sunset in Utah
Caravan Silhouette at sunset in the middle of the desert with leading male in traditional costume, China, Dunhuang
Mountain view ,silhouette people
Camel caravan at sunset
Herd of wild horsesing through the yellow hills, during pink sunset. Wild animals, wild places, running stallions
Drift ice and the setting sun and Steller's sea-eagle

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deer on hillside with moon

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A setting sun silhouettes a herd of Tule Elk bulls in Point Reyes National Seashore in California.
Passing By Horses On A Hill Of An Autumn Bare Landscape.Driving by wide side view of faraway horses grazing on the hills of an autumn/winter bare pasture of Northern Greece in the evening

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