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What to expect in a transportation image

Transportation images can range from long-exposure images of traffic to images of 18-wheelers on the road. Such images revolve around public transportation, shipping and logistics, and many images of cars on the road. Shutterstock has a library of transportation stock images that are perfect for whatever project you’re working on. Whether you need an image of a bus commuter to sell noise-canceling headphones or are looking for a vector graphic of different transportation modes, Shutterstock has what you need.

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Transport images for marketing

  • Transportation stock images are a great fit for a variety of marketing projects and media formats, including brochures, pamphlets, web pages, social media pages, advertisements, and other types of marketing.
  • Local public transit organizations can advertise their services by using transportation stock images on their website or other marketing materials. Oftentimes, public transit organizations will advertise their services on posters at their bus and rail stops. Using transportation images featuring happy people using public transit is a great way to promote public transit.
  • Other industries, such as shipping and logistics, don’t typically advertise directly to consumers, as they do business with other businesses, but they may still want to market their services.
  • Vector graphics featuring icons of different modes of transportation are also great for marketing because they can be added as a visual aid on maps, vehicle manuals, and slideshow presentations.
Transport images for marketing