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Sports images come in a variety of forms. Of course, there are the stunning stills of athletes in action, but there are also all of the sports icons, sports backgrounds, sports logos, sportswear, and even stylized images like sports vectors. All kinds of things fall under the umbrella of "sports," like recreational activities, extreme sports, fitness, running, and even healthy lifestyle images. Our collection has photos of everything you might need for every sport you can watch, from sports equipment to sports cars.

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How to use sports images and photos creatively

Using sports imagery for marketing Sports images are ideally suited for marketing campaigns. It's common to see images of athletes paired with motivational messages, messages about teamwork, and messages about perseverance and success. Sports are more than simple games — they've been analogs for society at large for much of human history. They simulate conflict, negotiation, and territorial identity. As such, it takes very little effort to draw parallels between a sports image and the call to action in your marketing campaign. Choose images that showcase athletes at their best, teams enjoying success, or the potential of a ready-and-waiting arena before a big game. These images will operate as their own metaphors to complement your marketing copy — just be sure the images aren't too visually busy, or you can risk losing your audience's attention purely to the image. Using sports images and photos on social media Sports images are common in social media feeds. It's rare to find platform users who don't have at least one sports fan among their friends. These posts are especially more common around big games, international competitions, or the beginning or ending of a season. They're a great way to show that your brand shares a love for the sports culture. You can use these images around holidays or other common times of year in the sporting world. It shows your connection to the sports culture, and how engaging with your brand is, as it were, yet another way of participating in sports culture. We see this often with "official" products of professional sports teams. The idea is that buying these products is the same as supporting the league. Align your brand with the love of sports using authentic, compelling images, and sports fans will come to think of you as one of their own. Using sports visuals in print materials Sports images work well for print materials because the nature of sports photography lends itself to sharp contrasts, vivid colors, and strong visual movement. Players' uniforms are usually bright, and they stand out sharply against the background. This makes them ideal for print, where muted colors and weak contrasts can create unideal visuals. You never know where a viewer will see an image in print, so the ambient lighting or other conditions can affect their viewing (unlike a phone or a screen that is back-lit). If you want to quickly draw a reader in with a flyer, a booklet, or promotional material, sports images come packed with their own visual drama, so you can take advantage of this to snag viewers' attention.