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Science is a big category. It can include everything from neuroscience to space exploration. Computer science and life science are two totally different fields, but they both fall under the same category. Science makes us think of discovery — it's an exciting field, and its images make any design look smarter. Whether you need images of science and technology, food science, medical laboratories, or scientific research, we have the science photos, science logos, science icons, science vectors, and science illustrations you need. Science is all about exploration, so dive into our library with that same spirit of discovery!

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Using science images for print materials Using science images for print materials is a good way to bring authority to your messaging. We generally trust scientific experts, so intoning that expertise by featuring the laboratories, equipment, and discoveries of the experts will bring that same trust to your project. Be sure that the images you choose align accurately with your topic. Misalignments can look like vague appeals to scientific expertise, and this can have the opposite effect. If readers think you're being inauthentic with your use of science images, then they can quickly come to distrust your messaging. If you're not sure which images specifically align with your topic, spend your time exploring more general images. Not all doctors are dermatologists, but they all typically wear lab coats at one time or another — you can use a general image to suggest a more specific one without being inauthentic. Using science images on social media Science images can be great for social media posts. The first step is to know your audience. People respond to science differently, and your audience can include diverse perspectives. Many people trust science and scientists implicitly, while some others consider the science field a politically loaded concept. If you're bringing science into social media, it's likely you have a cause, an event, or a development to support. Icons and symbols aren't particularly visually stunning on their own, so they might not be the best bet for social media images. On the other hand, detailed renditions of microscopic bacteria, high-resolution images of outer space, or dramatic photos of science in action can easily attract your audience's attention. In the social media world, you want to give your audience a reason to stop scrolling and read your post, so make sure your science social media images are worth the viewer's time. Using science images in awareness campaigns Awareness campaigns have a tough job. They're trying to get people to pay attention to something, often without promising anything in particular, which isn't what we're used to in an advertisement. Usually, if we stop and read marketing materials, we then get to decide if we're going to interact with the brand. Awareness campaigns need us to know something for our own and others' benefit. This is where you can be creative with what happens if you don't pay attention. People respond well to consequences they can avoid, so clear images depicting what people should and should not do can help get your message across and leave the viewer with the idea that they now have something to do — much like deciding whether or not to engage a brand. Mysterious images that we can't quite place are often a good way to draw initial interest, from there, use the logos, icons, and symbols you need to make your point clearly.