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Close up hands of woman making a quick and easy contactless payment with her smartphone in a cafe. Girl scanning barcode for contactless payment in the cafe with mobile. Customer hand making payment.
Pushing Blue  Power ignition Button to start keyless ignition hybrid car electro engine
Volunteers fill grocery bags full of food  donations, as they do a good deed for the needy, elderly, and less fortunate by donating their time and food. Hands, shallow depth
Man with bald spots suffering from hair loss. Treatment of hair problem.
Self Driving Autopilot Autonomous Cars 4K
Woman hand opening and close white wooden door in office. Holding door handle. Full HD video motion
Self Driving Autopilot Autonomous Cars For Action or Spy Movie. New smart technology being used on transportation.
Four piles of gold money coins decreasing fading disappear one by one at white isolated background, financial trading concept
Young woman wearing glasses inhaling and exhaling fresh air, taking deep breath, enjoying practicing breathing pranayama exercises indoors, calming down, reducing stress, close up face side view
Haridwar ,Uttarakhand/India-April 8 2020:India Lock down-Coronavirus- Aerial view of Dehradun city of India during lockdown because of Coronavirus pandemic. Empty roads, no traffic. 4k
Customer using smartphone for scanning QR code for paying at coffee shop. 4K QR code cashless payment concept.
Smartphone with green screen on white background
Calm businesswoman professional taking break meditating at work ignoring angry colleagues disturbing clients, mindful healthy female boss doing yoga feeling no stress zen balance at office workplace
Indian middle-aged male local fresh fruit vendor wearing a protective face mask standing by a carrier cart around a corner at the busy market street looking in the camera during COVID 19 epidemic
Soul Leaving Human Body Spirit Ghost Levitating Out of a Human Corpse Astral Projection Remote Viewing Out of Body Experience Full HD 1920 X 1080 Version 2
Spy drone is tracking car on a road in rush hour, criminal person detected in a car. Infringers recognition system on the road. zoom in
Woman in florists shop making contactless payment at sales desk - shot in slow motion
A hand collecting dark long female fallen hair in a washing bowl, hair loss after washing and brushing hair, androgenic alopecia.
Curly long brunette healthy hair woman shot from the back side braids lush hair in a bun. Connect with your body spa and relax ritual self and hair care. Gentle elegant woman preparing for new day
Aerial view of Self Driving cars driving on a highway Futuristic 5G network and technology data communication, Autopilot Autonomous Cars technology concept, Aerial shot with artificial intelligence
Customer using smartphone for scanning QR code for paying at drugstore. 4K QR code cashless payment concept.
Young man is buying takeaway coffe in coffee-shop and paying with smartphone making contactless payment. Modern technology and banking concept.
NFC banking technology. Close-up of young woman using smart watch credit card with NFC chip on bank terminal. Customer paying for food or coffee in restaurant or cafe, small business
Autonomous vehicle, Automatic driving technology. Unmanned car, IOT connect car. X-ray image.
India Lock down-Coronavirus- Aerial view of Dehradun city of India during lockdown because of Coronavirus pandemic. Empty roads, no traffic. 4k.
Frontal shot of extremely old Indian man with white hair sitting comfortably with crossed legs on a cycle rickshaw parked by a roadside in a busy market place looking at the camera
Close up of woman in store making contactless payment at sales desk holding card to reader - shot in slow motion
Stop motion animation of Zero waste kit. Set of eco friendly bamboo cutlery, mesh cotton bag, reusable coffee tumbler, brushes and water bottle. Sustainable, ethical, plastic free
Glass of water draining itself, can be reversed for a glass filling without intervention.
Singapore - April 2020: Quiet Singapore tourist spots Merlion Park without people during the pandemic lockdown of Corona virus disease (COVID-19).
Facial Biometric Scanner Technology Instructions on Screen
A 3D render of a minimal smartphone with a blue background. Rotating in screen. With a green screen for easy keying.
Close up of Business man using smart watch on console at electric charging station
PITTSBURGH, PA - JANUARY 11: Starship delivery robot crossing street with pedestrians Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 11, 2020.
Asian senior elder couple using reusable bag and cup go green to use less plastic lifestyle
Social distancing - Young man stops his female friend to hug him due to coronavirus
Onboard product purchasing, Asian woman sitting in airplane buying gift from air hostess and paying by credit card tapping on machine. Contactless payment and technology inflight service concept.
View of an open-pit Tilwezembe mine Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Drone with Zoom In, Drone is Tracking the Car Driving on Highway in Modern City. Object Detected, Captured. Futuristic Spy Technology
Spinning smartphone with green screen on white background
Avoiding collisions, Lane departure prevention, Autonomous vehicle, Automatic driving technology. Unmanned car, IOT connect car. X-ray image.
Close up of woman's hand pull toilet seat lid down and press low flush button in modern dual flush system toilet to use less water. Eco friendly lifestyle, water saving, environmental problem concept.
WS Snow covered coast of Damoy Point / Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
Autonomous or driverless car computer vision. Object detection system creates boxes to recognize objects in the streets. Artificial intelligence technology. Futuristic. More options in my portfolio.
Side view of audience in balcony fervently applauding, 1940s
MS PAN SELECTIVE FOCUS Business people talking in board room / Singapore
Chef grating parmesan cheese on spaghetti on plates, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Woman flipping over cafe closed sign
Footbridge crossing Dubai Creek / Dubai, United Arab Emirates,Nare
Sports fans watching football match on TV in sports bar, rear view
gradation of male bodies from thin to full, animation, transparent background
Woman pay by card. NFC payment terminal on a white table. Credit card or phone pay pos banking device, card machine in male hand on pink background
Man Walks Through Futuristic Biometric Touchless Fingerprint Scanner Security Gate
Young Woman at Home Lying on a Couch using with Green Mock-up Screen Smartphone in Vertical Portrait Mode. Girl Using Mobile Phone, Browsing Internet, Watching Content, Videos, Blogs. POV iPhone.
Man looks at the camera at his bald spots, the problem of hair loss
Autonomous vehicle, Collision Avoid car, Keep the car distance, Automatic driving technology. IOT connect car. X-ray image. 4k size movie
Woman raised her hand to stop, victim of femicide
Time to Refinance Clock Refi Your Home Mortgage Interest Rate Save Money 3d Animation
mobile payment concept - Young woman pays by contactless phone to credit card system for her order coffee in the cafe
MS Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) breaching in Neko Harbor / Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
close view shot of beautiful young Indian woman with protective face mask receiving parcel which is being delivered at the doorstep of her apartment or residence and closes the door thereafter
Lagos, Nigeria-May 2nd 2020. Markets shutdown and businesses closed. This is a more or less empty Lagos road during the lockdown. This road is usually a beehive of activity and it is a business hub.
LEICESTER, UK - MARCH 06, 2017: Two soldiers meeting with a noble family in a mansion
Greeting without Using Hands. Protection for Infection of Viruses. People Greeting Like This During in Covid-19 Pandemic. Kind of Social Distancing Style. 4K Resolution.
Firefighter rolling fire hose in International Fire Training centre / Darlington, CO Durham, England, UK
Newspapers rolling on printing press conveyor belt, 1930s
Woman customer paying touchless credit card to waitress with face mask on counter then next customer come and order food by social distancing rule for new normal lifestyle in restaurant during covid.
A barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) resting in the mud nests.Mud nests are constructed by both males and females.
Aerial view of church Maria Gern on sunny day, Mount Watzmann in background, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
Self Driving Autopilot Cars 4K animation composition of a highway aerial view with autonomous cars. Self Driving cars driving on a highway with
system and sensor operating through the traffic.
African businesswoman meditating with multiracial colleagues in office, businesspeople doing group yoga exercises indoors at workplace, corporate meditation, keeping mental balance at stressful job
Twelve frame animation loop sequence of jockey on horse.
Medium shot of zombie man with SFX makeup and fake wounds grunting and photocopying his face on copier
Customer paying with smart phone in clothes store wearing protective face mask during Covid-19 Pandemic
Customer using digital payment method scan to pay at cloth store to send money - concept of digital or contactless payment, e-transfer, technology and lifestyle
man shows turns empty pockets bankrupt no money. poverty Finance business bankruptcy concept. a man in old jeans looking for money in his pockets. crisis of getting into debt. problems and depression
Surveillance Multi Monitor Screen, Computer user Interface. Modern CCTV System in City
Disappointed unhappy brunette woman doing a little bit gesture with fingers, dissatisfied with small size, low rating, measuring inch, centimeter. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
Customer Making Contactless Payment On Mobile Phone To Waitress For Meal In Restaurant
MS Couple traveling by train / Florence, Italy, People, Transportation
Brussels, Belgium - Circa 2019: Man POV holding iPhone smartphone running UBER peer-to-peer ridesharing app following trip share my trip during a ride ETA less than 1 minute
A placard reading 'fly less strike more' at a climate change pretest
Person gets out the of the old wallet 10 dollar banknotes and counts them. Stitch of money. Poor man. Lack of money. Small funds concept. People in need
Time is money concept. Time is running out. Effective time management. Minimalistic watch isolated with the white background for presentation and motion graphic videos. 4k motion graphic animation.
MS TS Siberian tiger (panthera tigris altaica) marking territory Sikhote Alin, Primorye Province, Russia
CU Close-up of siberian tiger (panthera tigris altaica) walking in snow Sikhote Alin, Primorye Province, Russia
percent down - icon Interest rate animation on green background 4k video
Infinity swimming pool with seascape background. Sunny day, static.
India Lock down-Coronavirus- Aerial view of Dehradun city of India during lockdown because of Coronavirus pandemic. Empty roads, no traffic. 4k.
Modern driver-less metro train rush forward, along night Dubai, front cabin POV view, smooth time-lapse shot. Overground railway, dark low rise buildings around, bright road lights at night
MS Elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) with gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) at Waterboat Point / Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
4K Bengal cat scratching the floor next to his food bowl. Bengal cat walks up to his food bowl and then starts scratching the floor around it.
Self driving car technology
Self Driving Autopilot Autonomous Cars Aerial view in 4K with Motion Graphics Technology Concept. Night city Highway aerial view with Ai autonomous cars and 5G data network connections.
Upset young woman brushing having hair loss. Unhappy girl doing morning routine suffering from hair shedding concept. Women health beauty problems caused by hormonal changes or vitamins deficiency.
MS Mid-adult couple watching TV in living room / India
MS PAN Four people toasting during dinner party / China
Greeting without Using Hands. Protection for Infection of Viruses. People Greeting Like This During in Covid-19 Pandemic. Kind of Social Distancing Style. 4K Resolution.
POV WS Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) diving into water , Antarctica
Spinning smartphone and zoom to the display
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