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Retro old vintage flip clock with orange body and green or teal light. Getting late, time to sleep. Timelapse with dolly zoom effect.
1970s Gold Coast QLD, Australia. Montage of Surfers crashing on Waves. Surf Board riders Fail, Fall, and Crash on big wave. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 35mm Film Print
1980 Cupertino, CA. Woman dictates as Man types on Apple Macintosh Computer in Business Office. Close Up of Fingers  Typing on Keybaord. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
1970s: People type on computers in rows. Computer screen. People in office talking, working. Man stands at machine.
1970s: People dance on Soul Train.
1970s Pasadena, CA. Two men operate a Burroughs Computer. The Burroughs Corporation B7500 Computer mainframe computer used primarily in banking industry. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film
CIRCA 1960s - Hippies smoke dope marijuana and pot and do drugs at a rock concert in the 1970's.
A pop art retro flowers and sunburst animated illustration in the style of vintage 1960s or 1970s psychedelic artwork. The view slowly zooms in across the bed of flowers towards the wavy sun rays.
Overlay on frame imitation of old movie with scratches and grain on black background HD 1920x1080
CIRCA 1970s - Skateboarders ride in an empty pool in 1976.
Yellow Audio Cassette in the Tape Recorder Playing and Rotates. Close-up. Vintage audio cassette tape with a blank label used for sound recording in a retro cassette player. Call recording. Macro
Close-up of an old film projector shows a film, the lamp flashes. Projector projecting a beam of light in a dark room
CIRCA 1970s - Designers work on plans and automotive components are tested in laboratories, in 1970.
1970s Waltham, MA. Kids Ride Banana Seat Schwinn Bikes in this vintage KEDS Shoes TV AD. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film from Archival Television Commercial Advertisement
Happy couple driving on country road into the sunset in classic vintage sports car
CIRCA 1970s - Taxis, pedestrians, billboards and an adult movie theater are shown in New York.
1970s: People wait in line at table to vote while people vote in booths behind them. Person goes into voting booth. Person comes out of booth. Instructions on wall to vote. Proper, improper marks.
1970s: Rock band performs before crowd in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, as audience members clap and dance.
1970s: People dance on Soul Train.
Old Film Effect 4K. Retro film video footage, ideal for overlay
CIRCA 1973 - In this horror film, a young woman screams as an unknown being approaches, and cops drive up to the scene.
CIRCA 1970s - American Junior High School students exit a school bus, and their teacher quizzes them on school bus protocol in the 1970s.
1971 Washington, DC. Hippie Protestors at a Free Rock and Roll Concert for 1971 May Day Protest. Drug Overdose and Drug Abuse is rampant during the counterculture protest. 4K Overscan of Vintage Film
CIRCA 1970s - Scientists monitor from the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston.
CIRCA 1970s - A Ford auto factory assembly line is shown as well as photos of early gas stations from the 1900s in 1973.
1970s: Street map of Los Angeles. Man gives presentation in meeting to people seated around table.
Old 8mm film projector working in the night in a smokey room. Close-up of a reel with a film rotating and light rays.
CIRCA 1970s - Movie theaters and flashing lights and billboards and bars and bikers are shown in New York.
Manhattan aerial view on streets of New York city with historic 1900s buildings at sunset. Archival skyline of New York aerial view in 1970s. Vintage United States of America in 1976.
1970s Greensboro, NC. A No Nonsense Pantyhose or hosiery, leg wear TV AD takes place in a  Supermarket. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film from Vintage Television Commercial Advertisement
Old film projector shows a film, the lamp flashes
CIRCA 1970s - A mass demonstration supports Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Mao Zedong, in China, in 1972.
CIRCA 2020 - Extreme slow motion of beautiful ocean waves crashing into Kaiaka Rock, Molokai Hawaii suggests refreshment, beauty, and nature.
CIRCA 1970s - Montage of men trying out early plane designs and sometimes failing
CIRCA 1972 - In this exploitation movie, people dance at a sleazy nightclub.
Happy couple driving on country road into the sunset in classic vintage sports car
1970s St Louis, MO. A Budweiser Semi-Trailer Truck leaves the bottling plant. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print
CIRCA 2020 - Extreme slow motion of beautiful ocean waves crashing into Kaiaka Rock, Molokai Hawaii suggests refreshment, beauty, and nature.
Closeup of an old 8mm movie projector shows a film in a dark room
1970s: Intro to Soul Train. People dance on Soul Train.
1960s Cupertino, CA. Vintage Computer Technology. Two women work on old computers in data center. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm film print
CIRCA 1970s - In this Pepsi commercial, a woman gets Pepsi, popcorn, and food at a drive-in theater.
Happy Couple Driving on Country Road into the Sunset in Classic Vintage Sports Car. Steadicam Shot with Flare. Romantic Freedom Love Concept.
1970s Buffalo, NY, Housewife in Fashionable Green Coat buys Groceries from Supermarket Controller with early Electronic Funds Transfer. Interior of Retro Supermarket. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film
CIRCA 1971 - 1970s black and white footage of students protesting and being attacked by police in Paris, France
Establishing shot of small town homes set among rural farm fields at sunrise. 1970s housing development featured in autumn fall foliage.
CIRCA 1950s - A little white mouse learns to navigate a maze in order to reach the food at the other end as part of scientific research.
80s Style Retrowave Aesthetic, Vaporwave and Synthwave design motion background with old pc. Retro Futurism
Twin Towers and Madison Square with Flatiron Building in old New York city with historic 1900s buildings. Archival skyline of Manhattan skyline in 1970s. Vintage United States of America in 1976.
1970s Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas Signage at Night. Casino Sign. Neon Sign for the Stardust. Vintage Circus Circus Hotel Carousel. Frontier Hotel Sign. Dunes Hotel Signage. 4K Scan of 35mm Film Print
Audio cassette reel playing
CIRCA 1970s - Footage of Yuri Gagarin launching into space and beating America
CIRCA 2010s - Napalm is dropped on villages during the Vietnam War causing massive fireballs and destruction.
1971 Boy gives elderly grandparents funny gift at anniversary party
1970s Atlanta, GA. Bell South Commercial TV Ad. Elderly Grandma talking on a Rotary Phone.  4K Overscan of 16mm Film from Vintage Television Commercial Advertisement
CIRCA 1973 - Soldiers and artillery pass by in a military parade in North Vietnam.
CIRCA 1970 - Excellent view of the Statue of Liberty near the Twin Towers, and ships docked at Chelsea Piers in New York City.
Cassette Recording Close Up For Police Interrogation Or Confession.
CIRCA 1973 - Beautiful old world architecture of the busy city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
CIRCA 1973 - Muslims on their pilgrimage to mecca demonstrate both the traditional and modern aspects of Saudi Arabia.
CIRCA 1973 - Bedouins ride camels across the sand on their pilgrimage to mecca in Saudi Arabia.
1970s: Pictures of gangsters on display. Picture of Machine Gun Kelly. People with guns on stairwell. People fire Tommy guns. People are shot. Cars in chase.
1970s: Fingers typing on keyboards. Woman works on early computer.
CIRCA 1970s - Party Workers screen a film of Mao Zedong and his supporters for Chinese peasants, in China, in 1972.
1970s Golden Valley, MN. A Family Eats Golden Grahams Breakfast cereal. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film from General Mills Television Commercial Advertisement
1970s Charlotte, North Carolina. PERMABOND Adhesive TV AD. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film from Archival Television Commercial Advertisement
1970s: Onboard airplane, looking out window as it lands. Airplane taxis on runway to airport. Large picture of Mao Zedong on building. Soldiers stand in rows waiting for plane.
CIRCA 1970s - Traffic in Los Angeles in the 1970's.
1970s: woman points to easel at meeting, talks to others at table, man points, man takes pipe from mouth, stands, talks, hands around table go up, man shakes woman's hand, man draws architectural plan
Cesenatico, Italy - circa August 1975: tourists bathing with children in the Adriatic sea waterfront in summer. Bathhouses on the beach of Cesenatico town. Archival of Italy in the 1970s.
CIRCA 1971 - Shoppers are seen in a Tokyo department store while the narrator gives stats about Japan's economy.
Real estate virtual tour. Camera fly-through the interior of a retro decorated home. Vintage living room and kitchen.
CIRCA 1970s - The 63rd Street Tunnel, a subway, is being built in New York City, in 1971.
1970s: Person with thermometer in mouth. Thermometer. Boy sneezes, wipes nose. Man looks in microscope. Microscopic images of germs, cells.
UNITED STATES: 1970s: Early prototypes of planes
1970s: City street at night. View of light display. Neon light rotating. Close up of disco ball, zoom out. Colored light beams, end title.
1970s: Woman pulls printed out paper from dot matrix printer. Man sits at word process, dot matrix printer. Server machine spins reel tapes.
1970s Middle East. Montage of Combat Footage. Finger On Button. Mushroom Cloud from Nuclear Blast. Surface to Air Missiles. Airplane Explosion. Combat Troops in Warfare. 4K Overscan of Archival 35mm
Searching For AM of FM Radio Stations on Vintage Tuner Device From 70s, Close Up
CIRCA 1970s - Scientists in a laboratory prepare food for the astronauts in Russia in 1975.
Vintage transition Animation Background, dividing black-yellow screen. 1970s film retro style.
Vintage audio cassette tape playing, macro
1980s Hawkins, Indiana. Three Kids on BMX and Schwinn Bicycles Wave to Women in a Field. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print
Midtown Manhattan aerial on Bryant Park of New York with 1900s buildings and taxi on the road. Archival skyline of New York on Central Park side in 1970s. Vintage United States of America in 1976.
1970s: Two French soldiers stand guard outside building, people run passed them, soldiers join people. People grab rifles from rack. Walls of the Bastille. People carry weapons, gather around fire.
CIRCA 1970s - Representatives from the USA and Soviet Russia meet to discuss the Atomic bomb in 1970.
1970s: Students of Brahmin Caste. Man in turban from 2nd caste. Man from 3rd caste sells fruit at market. Man in 4th caste sweeps dust. Man washes stone steps. Busy urban scene. Boys play cricket.
Vintage computer video game with subtle screen distortion, 4K animation
Vintage Fixed Landline Phone from 1970's on Spinning Display. Close Up
1970s: Tractors harvest corn from field. Man unscrews water valve to allow irrigation to corn field.
CIRCA 1974 - In his resignation speech, Nixon talks about how his administration strengthened America's relationships with China and the Middle East.
Audio cassette vintage player with sound waveform overlaying. Retro technology concept for 1970s, 80s and 90s.
1970s: Cylinder seal is rolled across clay, leaving impression of illustration, writings. Person makes marks in clay tablet. Map of Mesopotamia in 2,300 B.C.. Clay figurines. Map in 1750 B.C..
CIRCA 1960s, 1970s - A flet of UH-1D helicopters fly high above the fields of Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
CIRCA 1970s Crash tests are performed while researching safety technology in the Safety Research and Development Department at a GM plant.
Super 8 Film Matte Overlay Over Under Scan with Alpha Channel
CIRCA 1973 - Money changers and banks are spread throughout marketplaces in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
CIRCA 1973 - Bedouins travel across the Saudi Arabian desert in a camel caravan.
UNITED STATES: 1970s: Men on moon salute USA flag. Astronauts walk on moon
CIRCA 1972 - Photographs and cameramen dog President Nixon, the First Lady and Premier Zhou in Beijing, China.
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