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Moving through a tropical forest with a large tree at the front and a lush coloration that can be found in a rainforest only
Milan, Italy - October 20, 2020: Aerial view. Modern and ecologic skyscrapers with many trees on every balcony. Bosco Verticale
Young adult Afro American female small business owner working on laptop in store and speaking to client on phone
Small business entrepreneur female opening door of plant shop and looking at camera confident
A close-up view into the eye of a computer hacker as he monitors a computer screen in real-time.
beautiful old lady portrait looking in camera with intense face sitting in the living room of her house in yellow armchair at golden hour, 90 years old healthy elderly woman. Slow motion parallax shot
Zoom out view of a black African female farmer in white coat holding a digital tablet collecting research data for analysis and programming of irrigation in a hydroponic farm.
couple walks on the beach at sunset. The camera only takes the legs of the couple walking along the sea shore.
Businesswomen Wearing Masks Having Socially Distanced Meeting In Office During Health Pandemic
Black Female Laboratory Scientist Conducts Experiment in Science lab looking at blood sample with Coronavirus
girl runs through the park in the morning sporty young attractive brunette woman running on empty road in the morning slow motion only legs
High aerial zoom out circular view of a Black African female farmer using a digital tablet monitoring vegetables on large scale vegetable farm
A young brunette tennis player plays a ball at sunset on a tennis court. A woman plays tennis professionally and dynamically in slow motion
Young Woman doing balance exercise and Stretching sports Yoga, Black Sportswear Leggings and Top, bright room At home in the Morning.
Female Small Business Owner, Florist taking Inventory with Digital tablet in Flower Shop
Young adult female small business owner working on digital tablet in store taking inventory
A group of friends out for a meal together, they are being served by a waitress. They then share some nachos.
Milan, Italy, April 19, 2020: modern and ecological skyscrapers with many trees on each balcony. Bosco Verticale. Modern architecture, vertical gardens, terraces with plants. Green Planet. Blue sky
American football player jumps with a ball on a professional sports arena with bleaches full of people. Arena and people on it are made in 3D.
Restaurant Kitchen: Portrait of Black Female Chef Prepares Dish, Tasting Food, Enjoying it. Professional Cook Eats Delicious, Authentic, traditional Food using only Healthy Ingredients for Meal Recipe
happy girl teen closed her eyes a dream. girl teenage kid wants a dream come true portrait at sunset. woman daughter silhouette dream of a happy childhood. free face sister closed lifestyle eyes
The artist's hand paints a picture during sunset. Woman Artist, Art for Sales, Inspiration in Nature.
Celebrate the summer day on the beach party
Successful Black Business man executive walking in modern office lobby and looking into camera confident
Aerial view of pedestrians in downtown in famous Shanghai China Nanjing road. Business economy, travel or industrial concept b-roll footage, drone aerial view in Shanghai China
A cafe owner puts a TAKE OUT ONLY sign on the front door. Take out or carry away quickly became the only option for restaurants and bars during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.
Milan, Italy, April 22, 2020: Vittorio Emanuele Gallery is empty of people and a tourist. Piazza Duomo. The quarantine from Covid19 in Italy. Quarantine in Milan. Closed luxury shops, bar, restaurants
Firefly. Fireflies sticking to leaves and glowing desperately.
By emitting light, fireflies are thought to be communicating not only in courtship but also with each other.
High school students studying renewable energy
Black African female farmer using a digital tablet to monitor a corn crop that is being irrigated on large scale vegetable farm
Portrait of successful business man looking into camera in corporate office
Entrepreneur Black Woman Working at Home on Computer late at night
Single parent working from home on smart phone and holding baby
Businessman in empty meeting room using Video Conferencing technology on laptop talking to colleagues working from home
Flight over the sea. The endless horizon below us, only the blue depths.
A woman touches a fresh white towel
Cancer woman with open arms receives the sun and smiles for a new opportunity in a blue sky background
Multinational team of business people are looking at the camera showing thumbs up. Success. International business. Friendly working environment. Team building
Woman open dark curtains and look to neat sunrise at early hour, black half length silhouette of slender lady against window. She stretch out hands to unveil hangings, slowly and unhurried mood at day
Milan, Italy - March 19, 2020: Pigeons are waiting for people on an empty square in front of the cathedral. Chinese Covid Crown Virus 19. Quarantine. Pandemic. City of the desert. Piazza Duomo
Black African female farmer using a digital tablet to monitor a corn crop that is being irrigated on large scale vegetable farm
Doctors in hospital on staircase discussing analysis of new corona virus using digital tablet
MS senior male anchor speaking at news desk in television studio
High-five for success! Team work at the office with a large window. Happy international collegues.
Young adult Afro American female small business owner working on digital tablet in store checking inventory
Unrecognizable woman with pet dog sitting indoors at home, using laptop.
Milan, Italy - March 19, 2020: Empty gallery of Vittorio Emanuele 2 next to the Piazza Duomo. Quarantine from the Covid 19 viral corona in Italy. People. Quarantine in Milan. fish eye. Architecture
Happy stylish African American woman, generation z female with Afro hair looks at camera stands in cafe interior. Smiling mixed race latin young woman headshot portrait. Work for international
Breathtaking New York. The only shot of New York you need. An amazing establishing shot of Times Square at night in New York City. Shot on 4k RED on helicopter with vfx advertising.
Young woman hiking pulls out his hand to get assistance from teammate.
Female retail store owner calling customer and looking on laptop computer in shop, using smart phone, wireless technology
A cozy close-up shot of a young woman strokes a sleepy blind cat on a soft sofa in the living room, Pet Love, Family, Togetherness, Friendship, Love, Happiness. Living with Pets concept.
Modern technology.4K aerial view directly above a farmer monitoring his corn crop with a tablet
High aerial zoom out view of a Black African female farmer using a digital tablet monitoring vegetables on large scale vegetable farm
Aerial view of Milan city skyline.  the modern urban landscape of business buildings. Aerial footage showing new skyscrapers. POV. Palazzo Regione Lombardia. Milan Italy 20:11:2020:
Young American young woman is exercising on carpet floor yoga with cute dog at apartment interior avki. Beautiful woman is doing stretching exercise and smiling, adult pet is nearby in bright room
Embroidery machine in progress embroidery company logo on uniform in Textile Industry at Garment Manufacturers.
Modern countdown time motion graphic 5 to 1, with green screen background. Suitable for many video promotion
A caring mother strokes a naked pregnant tummy with two hands, on light room. A pregnant woman strokes a large belly in the sunny summer day
Two brothers watching TV, eating popcorn sitting on couch at home. Two boys watching exciting movie at home. Siblings on couch.
Fashion business: a woman fashion designer draws a sketch with an idea for future clothes. Creation of a fashionable designer collection: the designer makes a sketch. Close-up, only hands
Young handsome black haired man, with easy unshaven opening the laptop lid getting ready to start work while drinking coffee at a small table in a cozy coffee shop
Businessman using Laptop with Green Chroma Key Screen
Slow motion shot of woman run to water with surfboard. Female surfer on sunny day at the beach laughing and smiling, happy to be outside and do physical activity to stay healthy and fit
Happy playful african american woman peeking out from her blanket in bed and smiling to camera, top view, close up
Closeup of hands holding fresh raw green coffee beans. Coffee falls out.
Close-up young woman getting hydrotherapy in the pool of a spa hotel. Beautiful girl relaxing with hydromassage
Couple petting in bed. Only feet in frame. Marriage, family, love, sex concept. Filmed on REd 4k, 10 bit color
The doctor next to a seriously ill woman. Viral infection is everywhere. The patient is wearing a protective mask. Coronavirus affects the respiratory system.
Female models walk the runway in different dresses during a Fashion Show. Fashion catwalk event showing new collection of clothes. Legs and shoes only. 4k footage. Unrecognizable people.
African-american young boy looking out the window inside public bus
Aerial view of a young black African woman farmer monitoring a corn crop with a digital tablet
Small Business owner man in apron hanging open sign on door smiling welcoming clients to new cafe restaurant. Entrepreneur Service hospitality.
a man lies on his balcony and reads a book with his legs up. social distance during the coronavirus pandemic. time to get smarter
Female shop assistant taking shelf inventory in store using digital tablet with wireless technology
An abstract concept of being at one with the universe through meditation.
Handsome middle-aged pianist playing on a grand piano on big stage in concert hall with dimmed light
Portrait of successful Black Female Small Business Store Owner Looking At Camera
Female Small Business Owner Working on Check out Till with Digital tablet in Store
Female models walk the runway in beautiful colorful dresses during a Fashion Show. Fashion catwalk event showing new collection of clothes. Unrecognizable people. Legs and shoes only.
Low Angle view of Woman Opening Parcel Box at Home
Young Female Customer Shopping in Florist Store
Black Female Small Business Owner, Florist taking inventory with Digital tablet at Flower shop
Female retail store owner entrepreneur opening shop and taking out furniture
Overhead shot of security gates identifying people at entrance
Woman is enjoying her cup of tea or coffee or chocolate sitting at home in the evening.
Portrait Of Happy African American Elderly Lady, Laughing And In Good Health, Slow Motion.
Close up image of professional basketball player making slam dunk during basketball game in floodlight basketball court. The player is wearing unbranded sport clothes.
Female car mechanic looking under vehicle bonnet using digital tablet in automotive repair workshop
Close Up Shot of White Paint being applied on a wall. Room Renovations at Home concept. Painter man painting the wall in home, with paint roller and white color paint. Room renovations at house
Young Indian adult woman in traditional clothes wears a face mask for protection from pollution and viruses outdoors
Schooler boy in color headphones using tablet computer for online education at home. Kid enjoys making school homework online, hand writing in textbook.
Fans cheering for sports team on the bleachers of a professional stadium
Portrait of Small business entrepreneur afro American female Store Owner looking at camera in shop
little boy plays on tablet while lying under blanket. watching cartoons hiding.
Blonde boy eating Easter chocolate bunnies with dirty face at home on blue kitchen. Happy kid celebrating Easter with colored eggs and chocolate bunnies.
portrait in the window of an elderly woman in a medical protective mask who put her hand on the glass and waiting for medics or relatives to help her
women's hands washing cherry tomatoes under tap water, 4k
London lockdown, Liverpool St Station, 8th April, 2020. Liverpool Street Station in the afternoon, the concourse is very quiet with only a few commuters. Coronavirus, Covid-19 outbreak.
Young adult female small business owner working on digital tablet in store checking inventory
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