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baby learning to walk toddler taking first steps with mother helping infant teaching child at home
Tents with Campfire. Wild Camping. Bonfire in the mystical forest. Wonderful holiday in the forest. The fire illuminates the rising smoke. Sparks from the burning coals. Ambience of adventure nature.
Young indian business woman worker relax sit at office desk finished laptop computer work put hands behind head feel satisfied with work well done stress relief peace of mind concept chill at work
Young black business woman working with laptop computer at home. Anxious girl studying with pc. Nervous African American people and technology
Asian engineer working at Operating hall,Thailand people wear helmet  work,He worked with diligence and patience,she checked the valve regulator at the hydrogen tank.
Businessman show Leadership Mindset
Jobless business people applicants group sitting in chairs in queue line row waiting for their turn company job interview, human resources, recruiting and employment concept, staff legs close up view
unity, draw and team spirit & rock climbing struggle
happy baby learning to walk toddler taking first steps with father helping infant teaching child at home
Little boy makes noise disturbs, distracting Indian freelancer mom try to work, do remote paperwork use laptop sit on sofa with kid feels irritated due restless son need attention. Lockdown concept
Patience and perfection. Trimming the flowers in a splendid garden. Retired senior woman gardening. Shot in 4k.
Funny pug dog hunting for a treat. Wants trying to get goodies, tasty bone. Slow motion. Comic, funny scene. Struggle and frustration. Miss a chance. embarrassing mistake. Ridiculous miserable failure
Businessman Switch Business Approach
Barista pouring milk in coffee doing latte art
Relaxed businessman takes break to relieve stress. Satisfied happy male employee meditating sitting at workplace desk holding hands behind head. Office worker finished work feels peace of mind concept
Calm businesswoman professional taking break meditating at work ignoring angry colleagues disturbing clients, mindful healthy female boss doing yoga feeling no stress zen balance at office workplace
Children join as volunteers for reforestation, earth conservation activities to instill in children a sense of patience and sacrifice, doing good deeds and loving nature.
Unrecognizable sportsman taking barbell in foggy gym. Strong male hands raising hand weights. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, sport, healthy lifestyle.
Mindful business man meditate at meeting ignore angry annoying colleagues clients argue at workplace keep mental balance patience, calm executive reduce pressure do yoga in office feel stress relief
fisherman fishing fish silhouette on sunset. man recreation with fishing rod outdoor catching fish at sunrise. hobbies lifestyle fishing sport concept sunset. man relaxes with fishing rod
Stuttering preschool african american child girl learn speaking practice sound articulation, language teacher therapist mum teach mixed race kid having voice problem, children speech therapy concept
Game Changer Businessman Manage Deadlines on Schedule
Businessman at the table doing a lot of things. Shaves, speaks on the phone, takes notes. The concept of multitasking at the workplace in the office. Home office in self isolation COVID 19.
close up feet baby learning to walk toddler taking first steps with father helping infant teaching child at home
Happy black family at home. African american father and child. Latino dad helping son with school homework. Education and relationship, man teaching and boy learning
Mindful calm beautiful business woman sit at work desk do yoga exercise take break relax eyes closed at home office, young female worker meditate at workplace feel zen no stress peace of mind concept
Two funny dachshund dogs in ridiculous colored handmade balaclavas on their heads are standing and barking, waiting for a masquerade party, front view.
Small boy sitting in the waiting room in hospital
Hourglass. Sands move through hour glass. Close up. Pass of time and   waste time concept
Money time. Woman hands with dollar fan alarm clock. Set of 3 gestures isolated on orange yellow background.
Angry businessman working with laptop computer in office, losing patience. Impatient business man under stress at work with pc. Young latin manager worried for technology problems and software virus
A large, white tailed buck with an impressive set of antlers pauses to look up while grazing in the forest.
Young girl working on a touch screen tablet pad at home in a rural environment working learning studying communication network wireless confident thinking smiling positive looking at camera tilt pan
Angry businessman working with laptop computer in office. Furious business man under stress at work with pc. Young white manager worried for technology problem and using rubber ball for time pressure
The obedient dachshund looks with sad eyes at the owner, begging for food, next to the dining table. beggar dog.
Old 9-pin dot matrix printer prints on perforated paper
Cute alone dachshund dog sitting in cardboard box with sign for text, waiting for adoption in animal shelter, white background. Equipment for moving or storage
happy baby learning to walk toddler taking first steps with father helping infant teaching child at home 4k
A large, white tail buck rubs its antlers against a tree during the rut, a behavior that marks territory and displays dominance to other bucks in the area, before walking away.
Shooting of falling domino blocks on black
Two noisy teenage children run around distracting young stressed single mom trying to work online using laptop at home.
Adorable upset red and white beagle dog looks out of large window with blue curtain waiting for owner return home in semi-dark room close view
Public speaking at the round table during international negotiations
footage 4K: Female doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation to male
beautiful baby learning to walk toddler taking first steps with parent helping infant teaching child at home
Hungry cute pug dog lying on the floor in the kitchen in front of an empty bowl and drooling. Waiting to eat with pleading eyes. selective focus
Funny cute pug dog want to steal donut from table. Сlosely watching, sniffing the plate of donuts with patience, while the owner is away. Funny food thief. Funny dog food concept. Cozy kitchen
Simple The Hourglass.
On side.
Calm female lawyer worker meditate at business meeting avoiding pressure annoying angry colleagues clients arguing having conflict doing yoga exercises for stress relief zen and patience at workplace
Female speech language therapist teaching preschool kid sound pronunciation, stuttering cute child having stutter;  voice ability problem speaking lesson concept
Funny cute kid girl preschooler learn pronunciation with speech therapist concept, preschool small child having voice problem speaking practice sounds articulation during language lesson with teacher
Hourglass. Catch the moment. Sands move through hour glass. Close up. Pass of time and   waste time concept
happy baby learning to walk toddler taking first steps with mother helping infant teaching child at home
Shot of German flag. The international Commission at the round table. Participants of group of G20 applaud the representative of Germany
Farmer hand inspecting freshly grown rice seeds in macro close up view
3D animation of a human lumbar spine demonstrating herniated disc, pressure nerve root causing back pain
Fishing at sea, Fisherman in a boat, Fishing during sunset, Active rest. A man in a cap fishes fishing while standing in a boat at sunset
The child the schoolboy learns lessons being at home sitting in the kitchen at the table using textbooks and a laptop. Portrait of a schoolboy.
The old watchmaker is repairing the vintage hand watch in his workshop. RED camera shot. 4k footage.
Caring mom or female speech and language therapist teaching stuttering cute preschooler child girl daughter learning correct pronunciation having stutter difficulty voice ability problem concept
baby learning to walk toddler taking first steps with father helping infant teaching child at home
Man patient Measure blood pressure at clinic front desk, people health care equipment, preparing before seeing doctor, automatic blood Pressure measuring device, flow Hand pumping, stethoscope examine
Doctor and patient blood pressure check up - Female patient's arm extended. Doctor checking blood pressure of a patient, he is measuring heart pulses with a sphygmomanometer
Professional unemployed jobless business people group waiting for job interview, male female seekers sit on chairs in row line queue legs close up view, human resources and employment concept
Domestic cat with orange eyes meowing under the motor cycle. rainy day. close up view. natural cat sound in rainy day.
Grey Heron water bird flying over river water to land on fallen branches slow motion
Braxton Hicks prenatal contractions. Worried husband comforting his pregnant wife, woman suffering from acute pain, lying on bed at home, close up shot, slow motion
Noisy active kids want to play with daddy sluggish dad sitting on sofa feels exhausted to spend time with children. Hyperactive son and daughter, upbringing problems lack of energy need repose concept
International negotiations for a round table. Statesman or politicians are seriously discussing the problem of ecology
baby learning to walk toddler taking first steps with father helping infant teaching child at home
Happy white family at home. Hispanic mother and female child. Latina mom helping daughter with school homework. Education, people, motherhood and relationship, woman teaching and girl learning
Difficulties of home schooling. Mom is trying to help her son with lessons. Lack of knowledge and patience. Back to school.
Lovely dachshund dog in blue bathrobe and with towel wrapped around its head like a turban impatiently barks, then leaving bathroom after taking shower. Daily hygienic procedures.
a black cat in an apple tree in winter
Woman moving her king in a chess game. Leadership, decision making. Intelligence and competition concept. Chess pieces in black and white, mysterious, symbolical scene, checkmate.
Asian professional  female doctor is explain to a patient on a hospital ward . The patient and his wife is understand all information
Three patient good dogs are given treats and food by their master in a green park on a bright sunny day
Diverse People Queue or Waiting in line. Indoors. Queueing up. Stock Video Clip Footage
On a white background the girl beats punches
Hypnotic macro one minute running vintage hourglass on dark background. Unique wooden glass hourglass counts down the flowing sand. Countdown timer end. Time is over. Close up. B-roll for captions.
Poor cute puppy has injured paw and owner or veterinarian ties it up with bandage, close up. Accident on walk. Pet fell from height and broke its paw.
Cute dachshund puppy in yellow bathrobe and with towel wrapped around its head like a turban stands in shower and patiently waits for owner to pick it up after bathing. Daily hygienic procedures.
Motion video of handwriting word Success, Goal, Plan, Action on blank notebook (Business concept)
A woman is standing through a field of sunflowers with a basket of flowers in her hands. Sunset. 4K
hands working clay on potter's wheel. Potter shapes the clay product with pottery tools on the potter's wheel, top view, craft factory authentic. Close up
young female waiting for a call, anxious worried young woman holding phone feeling anxiety waiting for phone call sit alone at home, thoughtful stressed doubtful lady pick up call from company
Female doctor visiting senior patient at hospital. Female physician examining female patient in hospital room. Healthcare and medical concept.
Strong young blond woman standing in plank and raising legs as personal trainer talking. Workout of athletic slim Caucasian sportswoman in gym. Wellness, sport, endurance.
Different ages and ethnicity candidates for vacancy sits on chairs in queue corridor feels nervous bored waits job interview turn, business people holds phones cv papers, recruitment hiring hr concept
A white loading wheel icon spins quickly on black background as operating system boots.
Old Classic Computer screen slowly turns on
Stylish worker checking his watch while sitting in cafe during lunch break outdoors. Handsome male with blue shirt waiting for waitress outside in the city.
Businessman shows Different Business Perspective
South Korea delegate at the round table during multinational pilitical debates or negotiations.
Growing Queue of People
Growing queue of waiting people concept or row of people on white background.
Hispanic nanny sit on sofa feel annoyed cover ears with palms not to listen restless too noisy small boy and girl running around. Disobedient children, tired and nervous divorced mom need rest concept
Basketball player in sportswear red shorts and a blue t-shirt goes on a dark basketball court in the backlighting coming out of the smoke knocks a basketball ball on the floor looking at the camera in
Stressed lady with shaking hands taking off ring, divorce, relations break up
Calm young businesswoman meditating with eyes closed at meeting with multiracial colleagues, female boss keeping mental balance at stressful job, controlling emotional health, no stress at work, om
Boy and girl are doing karate techniques outdoors
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