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urinary system, bladder with urine, 3d render
Glomerulus kidney cell Urinary urination 3d animation
Water rate in the human body is seventy percent. Proportion H2O. Female and male silhouettes, filled with 70% water ratio. Gray blue male, female figures. White flat back. Health footage video
A naughty, untrained, ill-mannered dog peed at home on the floor. The owner scolding the pug dog. Not accustomed to the toilet outside. Peeing and pooping inside house. Feeling guilty and shame.
Lab expert adding chemical agent to urine sample in test tube, health check
This close up video shows anonymous hands taking toilet paper from a wall mounted toilet paper roll dispenser.
This close up video shows anonymous hands of someone suffering from diarrhea as they frantically pull toilet paper from dispenser.
Ringing Alarm Clock and Snoozing Hand Sequence
Human Kidney Cross Section Anatomy.3D Render
man suffers from systemic lupus erythematosus, age spots of redness on the face, a rash.
silver spotted bengal cat on a human toilet, close up. Smart pet at home uses wc.
A woman with urinary incontinence in public restroom runs in toilet cabin. Finally a woman going out from cabin
Process Glucose Diabetes in body 4K.
Educational model of human body of kidney in hands of doctor
Hummingbird Feeds on Mandevilla Red Flower And Urinates Slow Motion
A close up dolly shot of a person flushing a household toilet.
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Woman with diarrhea standing at public toilet holding her stomach. Cropped shot of african person with upset stomach in restaurant washroom in toilet stall
urine color, Light yellow to red urine color,  detailed urinary bladder anatomy and urine inside, 3d render
Chemist wearing sterile gloves checks ph-tubes organic substances for analysis
Dripping steel faucet on a black background at home
Close up of a man with hands holding his crotch, Urinary Tract Infection concept Painful Bladder Syndrome and interstitial cystitis
Asian man sitting on toilet bowls feel liberated, diarrhea, constipation
3d Rendering of Public Restroom
Cat uses the toilet, gray cat buries his clumped liquid wastes in cat litter box filled with clumping litter. High quality 4k footage
A small gray kitten urinates in a blue toilet tray with white silica gel litter at home.
Kidney Urine formation
Moving away and lifting the drone as wee backward over crops in Salinas Valley, CA.
Home Owner cleaning up Dog Pee on carpet floor
Peeing in toilet first person point of view
Senior businessman with upset stomach waiting for toilet cabin in public restroom. Aged entrepreneur suffering from diarrhea having no empty cabin in office lavatory
Urinalysis, Drug Testing, Drug, pills. Plastic jars for medical tests. Urine test
A young Caucasian woman smiling with relief after being able to empty her bladder in the toilet. Attractive short haired woman rushing to toilet, smiling with her underwear down. Hipsters
Woman working in the modern medical laboratory. Medical staff working with automatic machine. Analysis blood at hospital laboratory. Doctor testing blood samples in a robotic machine with display.
pan shot of woman with urine urgency in the toilet
sick business woman with hands holding pressing her crotch lower abdomen. Medical or gynecological problems, healthcare concept. 4k, close-up, color background. Slow motion
3d rendered medically accurate illustration of the kidneys
cat owner scooping cat feces clean the sandbox Ready to put in a plastic bag, cat litter, cat urine.
cat owner scooping cat feces clean the sandbox Ready to put in a plastic bag, cat litter, cat urine.
kidney function and urine formation
Doctor holds in his hand container with urine sample for analysis and research in medical laboratory. Medical urine test. Healthcare And Medicine
UNITED STATES 1980s: Man working on computer / View of computer screen / Close up, man's eyes / View of computer screen.
Animation of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Unrecognizable barefoot child sitting on toilet during potty training in cozy bathroom at home
Asian senior or elderly old lady woman patient wearing incontinence diaper in nursing hospital ward, healthy strong medical concept.
Cute toddler boy, potty training, baby sitting naked on the pot. Toilet training concept
Caucasian toddler on a potty against white wall looking straight to the camera. Potty training concept
Businessman wanting to toilet room.
Woman working in laboratory on modern machine for blood testing. Medical staff works machine with display for control blood. Doctor at hospital checked sample in machine above view. Analysis of blood.
Scientist is taking a human urine sample container from a freezer.
kidney stone operation imaging animation
kidney stone fracture operation
kidney function and urine formation
Woman suffer from diarrhea and sit at toilet
Long hair cat using the litter box at home, pet care and hygiene concept.
Long hair cat using the litter box at home, pet care and hygiene concept
Long hair cat using the litter box at home, pet care and hygiene concept
Close-up automated blood tests robotic machine, medical equipment. Modern clinical diagnostic laboratory tools work in hospital. Concept of health, medicine.
Elderly man with adenoma urinates standing up and stains edge of toilet bowl.
Man waking up in the middle of the night and noticing he has urinated on himself during the night. Urinary incontinence disease.
A close low view on a dialysis machine.
CIRCA 1948 - In this animated film, Tom Thumb watches elephants perform at a circus.
Male fertility concept, pain in prostate, man suffering from prostatitis or from a venereal disease at home, urological genital infections
Impatient Stressed Caucasian Female Moving Her Feet While Sitting Toilet Cabin
Baby legs hanging from a pot. The boy is sitting on the potty. Funny baby sitting on the morning pot in the bedroom
Female press on dual button toilet flushing. ,Flush toilet, toilet flush handle
female kidney system anatomy 3d
kidney with growing stones and depositet with alpha mask
male man with frequent urination strongly wants to the restroom
Portable street WC toilet cabin on Earth orbit animation
White ceramic toilet and bidet at luxury bathroom, nobody
Small child sits on the potty and relieves itself
Point of looking men in the toilet. Old dirty public toilet. Tourism concept.
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - SEPTEMBER 15, 2013: The iconic Manneken Pis statue near Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium
Gynecologist doctor consulting patient using uterus anatomy model
man with urinary incontinence runs to the urinal in public restroom
male gambler checks his tickets while tv host announces numbers is excited to find himself lucky winner.
Hands of Asian woman cleaning toilet seat by pink cloth wipe restroom at house, female wearing yellow rubber gloves she sitting and cleanup or washing bathroom, Housekeeper healthcare concept
Stressed unrecognizable woman sitting on toilet and waiting for pregnancy test results. Shot with RED helium camera in 8K
row of urinals men public toilet,moving by stabilizer
woman with urine urgency in the toilet
Pharmaceutics Laboratory: Multiple Pipettes Dropping Yellow Liquid into Test Tubes, Medical Research and Analysis. Product Line; Dropper Fills Sample Tubes for DNA Study. Close-up Macro
Urine Catheter bag rotating extreme close up stock footage
Urine test. Medical analysis. Yellow liquid sample in lab container with isolated on white copy space.
Kidney function dysfunction and failure
Man peeing to toilet bowl in restroom. Long shot
1964 - Camels pee into a bucket and a hairstylist purportedly uses the urine to rinse Arab women's hair to make it blonde.
Doctor showing with pen on diseases in artificial model of human kidney closeup 4k movie
Urine test. Clinical diagnostics. Technician hand in glove sample bottle with yellow liquid isolated on white set of 3.
Toilet Paper Is Rolls Down The Steps. White Soft Toilet Paper.
Woman cleaning a cat litter box by scooping litter clumps with a blue scoop into a trash disposal box.
Kidney stones concept graphic organ
Bladder cancer cells multiply 3d medical anatomy
The girl really wants to go to the toilet and barely holds back
Dirty sink drain. . .
Middle-aged manager feeling strong pain, prostatitis, male genital disease
Looking down on a blender field with a rich red smoothie fruit mixture. Wee in to the blender with the funnel of fruit spinning.
Brussels, Belgium - April 07, 2015: Manneken Pis (Little Man Pee or Le Petit Julien) is small bronze sculpture of a naked little boy urinating into a fountain basin in the inner city of Brussels
Kangaroo starts urinating on the grass at Cave Beach Park in Jervis Bay Australia, Stable handheld shot
a person has problems with the genitourinary system. businessman on a colored background. 4k, close-up, slow-motion shooting.
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