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SLOW MOTION, BOTTOM UP: Unrecognizable person throws a handful of red confetti into the sky during a Valentine's day celebration. Woman tosses red heart shaped papers in air during baby gender reveal
Close up in slow motion of university high school graduates throwing their square academic tudor bonnet cap into the air graduation ceremony. Students Celebration of a MBA bachelor and master degree
Group of young excited male and female friends playing snowballs and throwing snow in forest while having fun outdoors on sunny winter day
Cooking a delicious dish in a modern kitchen. a chef in a restaurant uniform tosses spaghetti with seafood and broccoli in a wok. Cooking at the restaurant's cuisine. Food ingredients for food lovers.
silhouette of father and son playing enjoying sunset in wheat field in nature on summer day. happy family walking outdoors. Little boy and father man having fun tossing up throwing son in air children
close-up of a chef working the wok with flames roasting mixed colorful vegetables tossing them , restaurant kitchen , slow motion
Silhouette of Graduating Students Throwing Caps In The Air.
Academic graduation caps throwing high in the air on the sunny blue sky background. Celebration of the university completion and diploma awarded ceremony. Academic hats high in the clouds, loopable.
Food Waste. Compostable Food Scraps, time lapse.
Domestic waste for compost from fruits and vegetables.
Close up view of colorful steaming vegetables frying on a pan being mixed and tossed up. Cooking process, healthy food, vegetarian cuisine. Delicious taste, homemade dish. Slow motion
Isolated Woman Hand with Pink Manicure Snapping Fingers Sign Symbol. Green Screen Compositing. Pack of Gestures Movements on Keyed Chroma Key Background. Body Language.
touch screen gestures. green screen
Male hand holding the TV remote control and turn off smart tv. Channel surfing, focused on the hand and remote control. Internet TV.
Chef flips and tosses fried rice in wok over flaming fire on commercial stovetop in restaurant kitchen, slowmotion HD
Sleep disorder. Anxiety fear. Man watching nightmares tossing and turning in bed.
Food waste. Compostable food scraps. Organic kitchen waste for compost with vegetables, fruits and varied food. Filling garbage bag timelapse
Woman with Pink Manicure using iPhone 12 Pro Max Smartphone with Green Mock-up Screen. 13 Swiping, Scrolling Gestures. Mobile Phone Mock Up, Internet Social Networks Browsing. POV.
Annoyed middle aged mature woman feel frustrated suffer from insomnia uncomfortable bad mattress lying awake in bed, upset senior old lady insomniac trying to sleep disturbed toss and turn in bedroom
BRASOV, ROMANIA - JUNE 16, 2018: Students throw caps in the air at graduation
Top View of Handsome Young Man Sleeping Cozily on a Bed in His Bedroom at Nigh, He Tosses and Turns. Blue Nightly Colors with Cold Weak Lamppost Light Shining Through the Window.
Young mother or wife, or girlfriend lying awake in bed at night unable to sleep worried and concerned about something
Young guy in chef uniform spinning and tossing pizza dough throwing it up behind glass in restaurant kitchen. Skillful young pizza maker is cooking dough at modern restaurant kitchen. Pizza cooking
Happy group of skiers having fun sitting in snowdrift with snowboards and tossing snow
Chef cooking food with burning fire in slow motion. Focused chef throwing asian food in frying pan with flame at kitchen. Male chef preparing flambe dish with fire flames at restaurant
Street-side wok fire in Shanghai slow motion. Slowmo cook fires up hot oil with vegetables outside on the road at night in downtown Shouning rd food street in China.
Pretty woman turning in her bed feeling discomfort, bad quality of mattress
Gestures pack. Female hand touching, clicking, tapping, sliding, dragging and swiping on chroma key green screen background. Alpha Channel. Using a smartphone, tablet pc or a touchscreen.
Bananas tossed up in slow motion, hanging in air and falling down. Luma mask for background replacement. Healthy Diet Superfood Thrown from Below.
Chef spinning and tossing pizza dough in kitchen
Male hand holding the TV remote control and turn off smart tv. Channel surfing, focused on the hand and remote control. Internet TV. Programm on demand.
Smoking frying pan with vegetables, chef makes sauce, food cooking, vegetarian food, asian cuisine
Man tossing and turning in bed unable to sleep expressing extreme frustration over his insomnia and being kept awake by his problems and anxiety
Young happy graduates throwing their graduation hats in the air - celebration time. Group of excited Indian students tossed their academic hats into the air while celebrating their graduation day -...
Poker chips falling on casino table in super slow motion, filmed on high speed cinema camera at 1000 fps. Gambling background.
Camera follows tossing cut coconut in milk. Overhead shot. Shot with high speed camera, 4K. Slow Motion.
Happy loving millennial mom lie on back on soft big bed in light cozy bedroom lift up toss in air small baby daughter or son. Caring mum laugh cuddle kiss cute infant babe have fun enjoy motherhood
Asian chef works coloured mixed roasting vegetables in the wok with flame , kitchen Asian restaurant, slow motion
slowmotion shot tossing coin to flip on heads or tails
Happy young mom throws up baby in the pool. The development of kids. Bright light is shines from the windows of the indoors swimming pool. Slow motion
Two large ripe red apples are flying towards each other, colliding on the red background and raising splashes of water in slow motion
Portrait of a Beautiful Bride in Pure White Wedding Dress Tossing Bridal Bouquet and Passing Good Fortune to Her Happy Multiethnic and Diverse Friends. Outdoors Venue on a Beach Near Sea or Ocean.
Popcorn tossed up and falling down. Shot with high speed camera, 4K. Slow Motion.
silhouette of father and son playing and enjoying sunset in wheat field in nature on summer day. happy family walking outdoors. Little boy and father man having fun, tossing up, throwing son in air
Silhouette of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation Tossing Caps in the air.
Father and Son Play Airplane Arms Raised Together at the Beach at Sunset. Happy Fun Smiling Lifestyle.
Slowmotion shot tossing a coin to flip on heads or tails quarter USD and reveals a tail eagle
Graduation Congratulations on the day of graduation at the university, Sunset Silhouette orange sky Slow motion 4K
Man run with cute young beagle on beach, toss stick, dog rush forward, slow motion tracking shot. Guy play fetch game with small dog at sunny shore of lake. Long funny ears of puppy fly in air
Midsection shot of male chef in apron adding chopped parsley to meat and tossing food on hot skillet while cooking meal in kitchen
Camera follows putting diced feta cheese over salad. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion.
Bride and groom walking down while guests toss petals at wedding 4K 4k
Successful, friendly, friends put their hands on their hands and toss up, expressing emotions. slowmotion. HD. 1920x1080
close-up chef actively working in the kitchen of an Asian restaurant mixed colorful vegetables are roasted in a wok in slow motion
Disturbed annoyed young woman insomniac toss and turn lying awake in uncomfortable bed mattress on pillow in incorrect pose alone suffer from insomnia bad dreams problem trying can not sleep concept
TOP VIEW: Dirty clothes are filling a laundry basket on a floor - Stop Motion

The cook claps his hands and flour flies to the sides. Explosion of flour. Black background
Male hand raised up holding diploma of academy graduate on the background of beautiful university school building Education concept Young graduated guy holding graduation degree convocation ceremony
Tossing up and throwing academic cap in mid air. Happy Friends on graduation. International graduates run and have fun with diploma. Multi Ethnic young students celebrate approved knowledge degree.
Santos/SP/Brazil - October 23 2018: Graduation Caps Are Tossed Into The Air By A Happy Group Of Student Friends
Cook in transparent sterile gloves in the kitchen throws up a hot frying wok with chicken, vegetables and noodles in a black pan
Male Hand Mockup Gesture Pack,Tap,Scroll,Swipe,Zoom, and Double Tap on Green Screen Background
Happy carefree African American father and daughter blowing snow in slow motion laughing jumping and hugging. Relaxed man and girl having fun on winter resort. Family leisure and joy
Happy family. Two boy are running with airplane. Family silhouette. Boy dream of an airplane pilot. Silhouette of boys running with  toy airplane. A chidhood dream. Happy boy with toy
Closeup studio shot of hands of professional pizzaiolo spinning and tossing pizza dough up with two hands in slow motion
Woman tossing and turning in bed because she can't sleep next to a man who turns over in her bed at night
Beirut beer pong drinking game slow motion splash
Top view of multi-ethnic sleeping couple in bed at night. African man can't find comfortable position in bed, tossing and turning. Sleep disturbance.
Trash sorting machine working at a trash recycling plant.
slowmotion shot tossing bitcoin to flip on heads or tails
Three shot sequence of young family of seven having fun during countryside walk on bright sunny day, tossing up sparkling snow and throwing snowballs, with excited kids jumping around and laughing
A genuine sleeping time-lapse of a male tossing in turning during the night. Also rem sleep cycles are visable throughout the time-lapse
Graduation caps are tossed into the air by a happy group of friends on a bright sunny day. In slow motion.
Fresh french fries. Tossing and seasoning some fresh french fries at a restaurant. Professional chef preparing fan favorite. Shot in slow-motion and 4k.
The shooting from above of the man trying to go to sleep. 4K.
Child insomnia. Anxiety fear. Scared young girl in bed disturbed with fantasy monster at night.
Slowmotion shot tossing a coin to flip on heads or tails quarter USD and catch it very fast
Group of multi ethnical graduates in traditional clothes tossing their caps up in the air happily in front of the University. Outdoors
1960s: Boy walks down sidewalk, throws newspapers on to doorsteps.
Camera follows tossing sliced banana in milk . Overhead shot. Shot with high speed camera, 4K. Slow Motion.
Tossing diced mango in yoghurt. Shot with high speed camera, 4K. Slow Motion.
SLOW: A pet food falls down into a pet bowl.
Cinemagraph Loop Euro Coin Infinite Spin
Close up slow motion shot of beautiful model tossing hair / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Office employee tossing away crumpled paper into trash can
Tossing cut strawberries in yoghurt. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion.
Asian exhausted woman lying in the bed and sleep deeply. She sleeps in different positions and postures.
Set of 14 hand gestures, showing the uses of computer touchscreen, tablet, trackpad. Full HD with green screen. modern technology, 1080p, 1920x1080
Insomnia Problem For A Man Who Cannot Sleep At Night, Sleepless And Stressed Insomniac. Young White Caucasian Man In 30's. A Variety Of Camera Angles Available.
Insomnia concept. Woman in bed at night can not sleep
Handheld shot of bearded man in white shirt tossing pancake in pan, then looking at camera with smile while making breakfast in morning. Woman in sleepwear cutting vegetables in background
Broke smartphone is thrown into the trash can
Woman with crumpled paper having problem
Graduation caps are tossed into the air by a happy group of friends on a bright sunny day. In slow motion. with flare.
Tossing diced mango in yoghurt. Shot with high speed camera, 4K. Slow Motion.
Macro closeup of coin flipping on table, 50 cent Ecuador dollar, slow motion
Two boys play with wooden plane at sunset. Silhouette of children playing with airplane. Dreams of flying. Concept of children games. Children play as an airplane pilot. Silhouette of freedom
Slow motion - Man grabbing and tossing woman into the snow during a snowball fight
View from the back on walking graduates through the passage and tossing their black caps. University courtyard. Outdoors
Garbage sorting conveyor on a waste recycling plant.
Waste sorting. Conveyor for sorting waste. Recycling garbage.
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