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Modern sustainable residential neighbourhood in the city of Almere, The Netherlands, with solar panels farm powering city heating. Evening traffic on the roads. Aerial Hyperlapse shot at dusk.
Blue Runner in bait ball / school of fish in turquoise water of coral reef in Caribbean Sea / Curacao
Netherlands - 15 july 2021, Valkenburg: Flooding after heavy rain in the province of South Limburg - heavy rain on street, flooded cars
Blue Runner in bait ball / school of fish in turquoise water of coral reef in Caribbean Sea / Curacao
Swimming sea turtle and sandy seabed. Underwater video from scuba diving with the turtles. Wild sea animal in the tropical ocean. Marine life in the shallow water.
Horizontal pan of newly built Dutch houses with solar panels attached to the roof
Hawksbill Sea Turtle in coral reef of Caribbean Sea, Curacao
Parallax shoot of Rotterdam heart - Erasmusbrug bridge and city center in background. Areal view of South Holland city scape during golden hour.
Aerial hyperlapse of modern sustainable residential neighbourhood in Almere, The Netherlands, with solar panels island providing city heating
Amsterdam,  Netherlands. Aerial top view of the city centre, surrounded by picturesque houses with red roofs, green trees and canal
AERIAL ENERGY alternative ecology wind turbine 4K environment Beautiful cloud above the windmills on the field windmills isolated at sea on a beautiful bright wind turbines in the sky cloud landscapes
Trawler on the north see coast with wind turbines on the background. Slow motion.
Cinematic 4k aerial video of historic Utrecht city center with the Dom Church with foggy golden light and fall colours
Amsterdam, Netherlands Canal Bridge with a Group of Tourists wearing Masks, Cityscape Crane Aerial in 2020
Rotterdam, Netherlands - 2021 Oct 07: Skyline of Rotterdam, day to night
HAZELDONK, NETHERLANDS – 6 MAY 2020: Europe infrastructure and transportation issues due to coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, huge traffic jam of cargo trucks at Dutch Belgian border crossing
Hyperlapse of Amsterdam highway and railway flying over drone shot transportation infrastructure
Super Slow Motion Shot of Cheese Chunks Falling on White Background at 1000 fps.
Aerial view of typical Dutch tulip fields located in Lisse The Netherlands showing red yellow and purple flowers and in background the famous Keukenhof windmill popular tourist attraction 4k quality
Dairy Cows grazing on green grass in spring, in Australia.
Bait ball / school of fish in turquoise water of coral reef  in Caribbean Sea / Curacao
Overhead Birds View of Amsterdam, Netherlands Neighbourhood with Green Trees and Red Rooftops
Tourist boat sailing under a bridge in Amsterdam. Bridge over the river, Amsterdam. People walk the streets in Amsetrdam
Aerial top-down view flight over meadow with red Holstein Friesians cattle grazing showing their long shadows from sundown in grass field these cows are usually used for dairy production 4k quality
Amsterdam city skyline sunset timelapse at canal waterfront, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 4K Time Lapse
Netherlands - 15 july 2021, Valkenburg: Flooding after heavy rain in the province of South Limburg- people walking on flooded streets
Aerial of city centre of Rotterdam with the urban skyline of one of europe's biggest harbors in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Central station with trains. Shot on RED.
POV moving along typical narrow street in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, North-Holland, The Netherlands - 23-01-2021 Intersection infrastructure near Piet Hein Tunnel crossing hyperlapse timelapse dutch infrastructure tram cars pedestrians cyclist.
Drone flying out of the city center of Rotterdam in Netherlands during sunset. Beautiful architecture in the amazing industrial dutch town
funny woman dancing on rooftop celebrating enjoying silly dance having fun crazy dancer generation z in city
Underwater shot swimming over oyster bed in Dutch North Sea
Offshore wind farm Windpark Noordoostpolder near Urk, Flevoland, The Netherlands.
Amsterdam, Netherlands, aerial view of famous places during sunset in spring or summer.  Flying above canal and old centre district. Munttoren Bell Tower in background. Beautiful warm colors
An aerial footage revolving around the Halve Maen ship at the middle of the sea. This is a replica of the ship made by the Dutch East India Company and was commissioned by the VOC Chamber of Amsterdam
Dutch Flag Seamless Smooth Waving Animation. Wonderful Flag of the Netherlands with Folds. Symbol of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Flag background. Loop animation, 3D render, 60fps
Wheelchair Basketball Game: Professional Players Competing, Dribbling Ball, Passing, Shooting and Scoring a Goal. Celebration of People with Disability. Stylish Cinematic Slow Motion Dutch Angle Shot
AERIAL, CLOSE UP: Flying next to beautiful colorful rows of flowering tulips on big floricultural farmland in front of traditional antique wooden windmill at Keukenhof gardens, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wind turbine from aerial view, Drone view at windpark westermeerdijk a windmill farm in the lake IJsselmeer the biggest in the Netherlands,Sustainable development, renewable energy
Arial Shot of The Munttoren (Munt Tower) In The Inner-City Of Amsterdam
SCHIPHOL, NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 2020: Sign informs air travel passengers that face masks are required during check-in procedure at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, Covid-19 coronavirus
SCHIPHOL, NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 2020: Required face mask sign at check-in area departure hall of Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, international flights during Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland / The Netherlands. July 17, 2018: The ‘Zuidas’ is the Dutch financial business district. Here new residential towers are in development.
Drone flies over colorful tulip fields towards a windmill on a sunny day with a clear blue sky in the Netherlands Aerial Drone footage 4K
Aerial shot of a beautiful view from above of architectural buildings and Amsterdam canals. Netherlands in 4K
Hyperlapse of a construction site of an appartment residential building with cranes near Ijburg, Amsterdam The Netherlands. Holland.
Evening traffic on the A6 highway that connects Amsterdam and the main land to the Flevoland polder with Almere and Lelystad cities in The Netherlands. Aerial timelapse/hyperlapse shot.
Amsterdam, Netherlands Canal Overhead Birds View with Boat traffic and Red House Rooftops
Super Slow Motion Shot of Cheese Cubas Falling on Wooden Board at 1000 fps.
Flying towards the sun on this amazing cold winter day. Many people go outside on the frozen lake to ice skate. A 4k cinematic drone shot made in Akersloot, Europe.
Amsterdam canal and skyline at night with Saint Nicholas Church time lapse in Amsterdam city, Netherlands
Aerial wide angle view of typical Dutch agricultural landscape along dike with green fields in the foreground blue sky with clouds casting shadows on the land. Wind turbines in the background, Holland
Aerial photography of cows. Dairy farm. Cattle on green field. Cow farm. Aerial photography of cattle in green field. Herd of cows. Dairy production farm. Aerial photography of herd of cows on farm
Aerial Netherlands Rotterdam June 2018 Sunny Day 
Aerial video of downtown Rotterdam in the Netherlands on a beautiful sunny day with a zoom lens.
Aerial view of the German autobahn is the controlled-access highway system in Germany the official term is Bundesautobahn or Bundesautobahnen which is translated federal motorway 4k high resolution
Wind turbine from aerial view
GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS - 07. MAY 2021: City center and Martinitoren Church Tower with clear view of the Forum as seen from the air.
Evening traffic in Amsterdam historical center, The Netherlands. Aerial drone footage of old beautiful European city
Bait ball, school of fish in turquoise water of coral reef in Caribbean Sea, Curacao
Rotterdam, Netherlands - June 2021: De Kuip, famous stadium of Feyenoord Rotterdam
Cows grazing with a classic Dutch windmill on background in Aarlanderveen, The Netherlands - typical Dutch countryside scene
Amsterdam at night, aerial view, Amsterdam, Netherlands, drone footage
Amsterdam Canal with Boat and Dutch Flag waving in wind, forward Aerial
Offshore Windmill farm in the ocean  Westermeerwind park , windmills isolated at sea on a beautiful bright day Netherlands Flevoland Noordoostpolder, drone view bird eye view of windmill farm
Seascape with various fish, coral and sponge in coral reef of Caribbean Sea, Curacao
Netherlands - 15 july 2021, Valkenburg: Flooding after heavy rain in the province of South Limburg- flooded street and car
4k timelapse of stunning sunset on Dutch North sea coast with sand dunes and colouring clouds
Amsterdam, Netherlands. May 05, 2019. Beautiful aerial view of Amsterdam over canals near Central station and St. Nicolas Church
Utretch / Netherlands - September 20, 2019 : Commuters riding down a dutch street in a cycle lane with parked bikes in the background
Traditional Dutch windmills with vibrant tulips in the foreground over blue sky, panning
Stop motion animation. Sinterklaas is coming soon, 4K. Dutch holiday St Nicholas day concept with letters traditional cookies, kruidnoten on blue background with copy space. Top view.
Best Selling HQ Aerial Drone Video (Ultra HD) of the famous Dutch Delta Works. Sunny weather. Opened barriers while traffic passing by. 90 degrees Angle with rotation.
A lot of bicycles and pedestrians on a narrow bridge in Amesterdem. In the frame, you can see the bicycle wheels and foot pedestrians - an intense movement. This is the bicycle capital of Europe.
Aerial top view of greenhouse - opening view. Camera moving forward over the massive glass construction. Organic indoor farming, heat recovery, power consumption concept. Background video, copy space
Kade Noord apartment complex at the riverbank of river IJssel revealing construction site of Kade Zuid with large red cranes in Noorderhaven neighbourhood of tower town Zutphen
Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Aerial view of famous place, public park Vondelpark . Sunny day in summer or spring. People are resting and relaxing on green grass around lake.
Wind turbine from aerial view, Drone view at windpark westermeerdijk a windmill farm in the lake IJsselmeer the biggest in the Netherlands,Sustainable development, renewable energy
Hawksbill Sea Turtle swim in coral reef of Caribbean Sea, Curacao
Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 2020. Deserted departure terminal with maintenance worker at Schiphol airport during corona crisis.
red deer in morning sun
Details of Fascades on Central square of Delft City in Netherlands surrounded by old Dutch houses
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - June 2018 Aerial view of Rijksmuseum, Dutch national museum and panoramic view of the Amsterdam City in 4K. Famous place to visit in Amsterdam
Amsterdam aerial sightseeing. Flying above old centre district. Netherlands in 4K.
Holiday Homes In Roompot Water Village At Kamperland Town In The Dutch Province Of Zeeland. aerial
Slicing cheese into pieces closeup, super slow motion. Closeup shot of a piece of cheese. Somebody is cutting cheese with a knife.
Top-down aerial view of a green roundabout with camera rotating and following moving cars
Amsterdam / Netherlands - 05 16 2017: People on bicycles riding to work in Amsterdam.
Happy crazy cattle cow jumping in field of grass in the Netherlands SLOW MOTION/4K/UHD
Rotterdam, Netherlands - May 13, 2019: Markthal landmark building time lapse in Rotterdam, Netherlands
AMSTERDAM - OCTOBER 6, 2019: Politie (Police) inscription on dutch law enforcement police vehicle in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, Netherlands - 08-08-2019: Beautiful sunset lights on old building architecture in city center reflection in water, hyperlapse, time lapse
Black and white cows in a grassy field on a bright and sunny day in the Netherlands - 4K
Germany National Flag. 4K seamless loop animation of the German flag.
4K. Cows on livestock farming. Cows grazing on green meadow in Edam, Netherlands. Dutch landscape. Near the cows there is a stream of water-Adrian
Curious young cute crazy black white Holstein cow on concrete path smelling and licking camera on green grass field sunny crisp blue sky background dairy cattle moving head fast up and down summer 4k
CIRCA 1957 - The World Plowing Contest is held in Peebles, Ohio and is won by Willem DeLint of Holland.
veluwe national park netherlands heath fields and hills drone, Veluwe features many different landscapes, including woodland, heath, some small lakes and Europe's largest sand drifts
Aerial tracking across pink, yellow and red tulips in neat rows of Dutch tulip field with a line of spinning wind turbines in the background
Aerial flight over Rotterdam harbour in Netherlands industrial landscape storage containers clear blue water 4k
Aerial rising shot of an ecoduct, a wild life bridge that crosses a busy highway in the Netherlands
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