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3D animated bar graphs and pie charts slick, clean, elegant white on blue background. Great for corporate presentations
A stock market bull is fighting a bear. Symbolic struggle between stockholders.
3D Futuristic finance stock exchange market chart computer screen bull market candlestick chart and bar graph with auto trading computer coding artificial intelligence technology, AI trading.
FPSO tanker vessel near Oil Rig platform. Offshore oil and gas industry. Flare is burning with smoke. Environmental pollution. 4k shot
Concreting of reinforced concrete slab. Worker concretes foundation, rebar, pour cement mortar on reinforcing mesh or cage from pump concrete mixer. Builders are building a factory, hangar, house
Slow Motion Amazing milk cows on the beautiful meadow
ink transition splatter blot spreading left to right turbulent moving abstract painting animation background new cool nice motion dynamic contemperary beautiful 3d rendering 4k footage
Set of Smoke Explosion or Boom Elements Cartoon Animation on black background
Cartoon FX Smoke transition pack on the green screen background. 4K video. Chroma key. 2D FX SMOKE Elements.
explosion bomb fire bomb green screen bomb explosion effect fire effect green screen effect explosion smoke fire smoke green screen smoke explosion animation fire animation green screen 4k animation
Bright glowing multiple fire explosions. Abstract particle backdrop. Set of 6 circular Flame Shockwave effect. Different shapes. For screen mode. 4K Dynamic template animation in yellow and red colors
Stock market or forex trading candlestick graph in graphic design for financial investment concept. Financial data and diagrams showing a steady increase in profits. Bitcoin btc and cryptocurrency
investment stockbroker stock market analysis data graph with price rates. Stock market trader analyzing bitcoin price trend. Investment broker trading bitcoin crypto currency using phone and laptop
Exploding frosted ice cub in e4K. More IceCube footages in my collections.
eCommerce warehouse manager inspects inventory at shipping centre. Business is booming online. Back to work. Shot in 4k.
Charging Bull, the Wall Street Bull in empty NY during Pandemic COVID19 (Corona Virus Deases 2019), quarantine, Self isolation and social distancing. Empty town, Manhattan, New York, US 04.25.2019
Incredible aerial view of New York City skyline coming to life with animated financial information related to stock market, stocks, trading, candlestick pattern, bear market, bull market, trading.
Animated looped pop art background.
4k Cartoon fire transition and fire elements. Flash fx fire transitition animation with alpha channel.
3D animation black on white background of corporate charts and bar graphs.
4 Blue Particle Shockwaves Overlay and alpha matte Graphic Elements
Red Flaming turn into blue flame explosion for logo making or intro
Spectacular slow-motion pan of a herd (family) of African elephants grazing on the grasslands of South Africa, revealing the scale difference and growth from calf to bull.
Pink Rose Petals Heart background
Meat production, aerial above grass-fed angus beef cattle in meadow, farm and sunset in distance
Oil and gas. Slow motion of gas flare from bottom burning at oil and gas platform with background blue sky and clouds.
Aerial drone shot of cows grazing on pasture, landscape
Aerial view of Dublin Bay at sunrise. 4K.
4k Cartoon Guns and explosion effect pack with alpha channel.
Family, herd of black Angus cattle, cows, bulls calves graze in green meadow pasture field, dew on grass, under dramatic morning sunlight fog, mist
Cartoon FX Smoke Explosion on the green screen background. 4K video. Chroma key. 2D FX SMOKE Elements.
Pixel Art Explosion Animation isolated on white background, black background and green background
Dancing smoke, fluid effect. Abstract motion graphic VJ background. hot fire, flame effect with plasma and particles moving around in a fluid motion. 3D render, 4K loop
Close-up of a dark blinking eye of a black angus bull reflecting in it in dark light. Horse nobleness beauty concept. Animal welfare and anti-abuse concept
Cow Chews Gum From Grass,Slow motion. Close-up Of Cow Nose and Jaws. Cow Head On Blue Background
SOCHI, RUSSIA - 29 September 2019: Red bull Formula 1 car of Max Verstappen at Free Practice at  Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019, 4K High quality editorial footage
Colorfull Baloons Explosion background in 4K
Taken from a drone, as cows graze in a field. Russia, Bashkortostan
Yellow Audio Cassette in the Tape Recorder Playing and Rotates. Close-up. Vintage audio cassette tape with a blank label used for sound recording in a retro cassette player. Call recording. Macro
Abstract directional neon lines geometric background. Data flow. Optical fiber. Explosion star. Seamless loop 4k motion effect. Blue modern light spectrum, fluorescent ultraviolet light.
Bloom ink. Beautiful white watercolor ink drops transition on black background,
Aerial View Shot of Birmingham UK, United Kingdom, late afternoon, sunset
3D shot of Los Angeles with animated financial information related to stock market, stocks, trading, bear market, bull market, trading. Share holder value video.
Colored abstract explosion with message Happy New Year 2022! in 4K
1963 Birmingham, AL. Black Children trained in nonviolent tactics are Arrested and Assaulted with barking dogs and high-pressure water hoses. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Newsreel Film
ink transition splatter blot spreading left to right turbulent moving abstract painting animation background new cool nice motion dynamic beautiful 3d rendering 4k footage 5
The growth rate of the stock market and the India economy
Gantry crane is unloading a container from a ship at daytime in the port of Hamburg / Germany.
Exploding green leaves in 4K
Cartoon 4k fire elements pack. Flash fire animation1 set with luma matte
Buffalos or bisons grazing grass on green meadow in Yellowstone. Wildlife animal refuge for great herds of American Bison Buffalo. Ecosystem environment conservation, biology diversity, wilderness 4K
Cow eating grass on the farm. Close up of a cow eating fresh green food in a barn. Organic cattle breeding. Black and white cows in a farm cowshed eating green grass
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 20 2018: Panning shot of the Wallstreet sign right on the corner of the New York Stock Exchange, also known as the NYSE.
Violent explosion with short duration fire and cloud of smoke on green screen or chroma key. Flame effect can be used for detonation explosives, bomb, weapons, radioactivity. Animation 4k
Flash FX Shape Lines. Hand drawn and frame by frame animated. Just drop elements to your project. Easy to customize with your favorite software. Alpha channel included. More elements in our portfolio
Pink Rose Petals exploding in 4K
Slow Motion Milk cows eating grass on beautiful meadow.
Pop art yellow and red comic book cartoon background. Radial lines rotates on a halftone pattern. Retro backdrop for comics superhero text. Seamless retro looping pop art animation. 4k animated.
Candle stick graph chart with indicator showing bullish point or bearish point, up trend or down trend of price of stock market or stock exchange trading, investment and financial concept. thin focus.
Cartoon Smoke Transition pack. 4k smoke flash fx Luma matte
Cute French Bulldog dog wearing funny sombrero party hat
Bull shark underwater surrounded by tropical fish
Cyber, verbal Bullying Concept. Abusive message. Outlaw, Outcast person. Bad dream, nightmare, surrealistic world. Creative unique visual theme.  Unwanted aggressive behavior among school children.
Aerial drone footage of the Seville city along the Guadalquivir canal with various landmark such as the cathedral, the Torre del Oro and the Bull area in Andalusia, Spain
Antelope Island, USA with bison herd crossing road in state park near Great Salt Lake City in Utah in slow motion panning
Aerial view of New York with financial charts and data. Futuristic city skyline. Big data, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things. Stock exchange figures.
ink transition splatter blot spreading top to down turbulent moving abstract painting animation background new cool nice motion dynamic contemperary beautiful 3d rendering 4k footage
Aerial view of herd nelore cattel on green pasture in Brazil. 4K.
Dynamic letters NTF in flashing neon lighting. The letter T bursts into thousands of ethereum. NFT Crypto Art symbol. Cryptocurrency digital money, collectibles, cyber coin and crypto currency.
Pop art background, Video animation, HD 1080
Dangerous enraged  black bull trying to kick a cowboy in a rodeo (Slow Motion)
a selection of vintage ghetto blasters and radios spinning around. it is filmed in a way that the objects change as they rotate. intention glitch and distortion has been overlayed
Bull bursting into particles symbolising growing stock market
Ecommerce manager looks over inventory and logistics a warehouse facility. Back to work and business is booming. Shot in 4k
Abstract blue energy vortex for logo reveal. swirling particles motion graphic for easy overlay. 2 clips available, 1 loop and 1 in-out sequence. swirling, twister effect. 3D render, 4K loop
Cow and bull in the mountains. Happy alpine milky cows are grazing in the grass. Rural scene, in the background Tatra mountains, Poland, Europe. Well-fed, well-groomed alpine cows, bulls and calfs.
Realistic explosion and blasts with alpha channel. VFX element.
Ink bloom. Beautiful black watercolor ink drops transition
Set of Smoke Explosion or Boom Elements Cartoon Animation on black background. Cartoon smoke Elements Motion Graphics Pack
Aerial Herd of Cows Running on Pasture at Sunrise
Coffee beans hit on the fly in 4K
Working at height. Silhouette of abseiler team hanging at the edge oil and gas platform for maintenance works with background flare tip boom burning.
Fintech commodities and high frequency trading. Perfect for business, financial institution, traders Animation of stock market information and charts.
Slow Motion Bull Riding With Dirt Flying
CIRCA 1951 - Cowgirls participate in a special women's rodeo, riding bucking broncos and bulls.
Cows pasture grass dairycows video
Bright Yellow solar flare reaction with liquid ink / paint drop stain on black background / oil bleed bloom / Big Bang explosion of supernova sun star / NASA Hubble nebula universe
Beautiful white watercolor ink drops transition on black background, paint bleed Bloom, with circle organic flow expanding, pure splatter spreading. Perfect for motion graphics, digital composition
Closeup at moving sub-woofer. Speaker part music. Background.
2D FX SMOKE Elements motion graphics hand-drawn animations of cartoon smoke effectsn. Alpha channel included. Just drop it into your project
Slow motion Fire Explosion Fireball Realistic flame 4k with Luma channel
Trader is working with multiple computer screens full of charts and data analysis and stock broker trading online. Concept of bitcoin and stock market trading.
Elk Video Clip in 4k
retro game pixel art 8 bit bangs and explosions. Atomic boom. Alpha channel. 90 s style
A view of a changing stock market ticker. Numbers are fictional and do not represent any particular stock. Bull and bear market concept.
Business candle stick graph chart of stock market investment trading. Bullish point. Trend of graph abstract bull market design. The concept of cryptocurrency and bitcoin
SOCHI, RUSSIA - 29 September 2019: Alfa Romeo Racing Team pit stop test at Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019, 4K Slow Motion 60 FPS
Fly over of showing a large oil pipeline exposed that is under construction.
New York City, United States – 05/26/2020: Bull on Wall Street New York NYC Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19 Shut Down Lock Down 4K
Awesome Action Electricity Energy Flash Fx/
4k animation of power dynamic comic and manga flash fx with electric patterns and paralysing rays seamless looping
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