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Whether it’s an activity, a location, or an organization, if the image features people, we can quickly see how the idea relates to us. Whether you need images of business people, happy people, office people, or party people, showcasing authentic, real-world images of people can make your brand, project, event, or activity seem immediate and real. People icons, silhouette people, even crowds of people — they can all bring your project to life.

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How to use images with people creatively

Using images with people for social media Images with people are great for social media. They’re easy to relate to, and they’re very good at conveying specific emotions without saying a word. When you want to convey a certain personality, experience, or brand, images with people are a fast and ready way to do this. Using images with people for a Facebook cover, for example, can communicate a social, personable identity or brand. If you’re hosting a Facebook event, then images with people make it easy to demonstrate how much fun or how serious the event will be. Instagram posts commonly feature people going about their everyday lives in interesting formats, so they’re a great way to get in on the trend and capture a viewer’s attention. If you need help formatting your image for social media, head over to Shutterstock Editor, where we’ve got you covered with the templates you need. Using images with people for marketing purposes Marketing departments love to use images with people because they’re an easy way to speak directly to audiences. People and their activities require very little commentary — it’s usually clear pretty quickly what people are doing and how they feel about it. Use this strength to personalize your marketing efforts. Depending on the type of reaction you’re looking for, search for images that show people with the emotions you’re targeting, then look for design elements that support this. If you want people having fun, look for bold, bright colors and low contrast. If you’re looking for beautiful people being serious, look for dramatic lighting and hard shadows. Viewers are more likely to react to or engage with your marketing materials if they feel they can relate — even if that means wishing they were the models in the photo. Take advantage of this, and give your audience the experience they didn’t know they wanted. Using images with people for websites When you’re designing websites targeted at people and their activities, it’s best to get “real.” Rather than using abstract images or products, featuring images of people having the type of experience you want to associate with your site is a fast and easy way of setting the tone. If you’re a commercial website, look for people having a good time with your product or service (or a similar product or service). If you’re raising awareness for a cause, look for images that make us think about the human condition — and what we can do to help improve it. If your website hosts or promotes events, then you’ll need groups of people engaged in the types of activities you arrange. However your website ultimately relates back to people, featuring images of people brings life to the site and helps it stand out among other sites full of words and icons.