Which browsers do Shutterstock.com and Shutterstock Editor support?

Shutterstock supports many of the most popular browsers.

Which languages is Shutterstock Editor available in?

Shutterstock Editor is available in all 20 languages supported on Shutterstock.com.

Uploading Your Own Image to Shutterstock Editor

Learn about using your own images in Shutterstock Editor.

Shutterstock Editor: Uploading Your Own Content

Learn how to add your own non-Shutterstock content (like your company’s logo) to [...]

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Font for Your Design

Learn about Shutterstock Editor's font selection.

Removing a Background with Shutterstock Editor

Learn how to remove a background and isolate an object in Editor.

How to Resize Images for Twitter

Use the Shutterstock Editor to correctly resize images for Twitter. Our tool is [...]

How To Create Pinnable Images With Shutterstock Editor

Create great Pinterest content using Shutterstock Editor.

How to Use Special Effects on Shapes and Text in Shutterstock Editor

Learn about customizing shapes and text in Shutterstock Editor.

How to Get the Best Out of Editor’s Image Filters

How to use image filters in Shutterstock Editor.

Resizing a Photo for a Facebook Cover

Learn how to resize a photo for Facebook cover in seconds and ensure you have the [...]

Editing Your Own Images With Shutterstock Editor

Learn about editing your own images in Shutterstock Editor. Also try the free image [...]

Downloading Your Design

Learn how to download your final Shutterstock Editor project.

Looking for Turnkey Design? Tap Into Shutterstock Editor’s Templates

Learn about how to use Shutterstock Editor's design templates.

Downloading Your New Design To Google Drive

Learn how to download your final Shutterstock Editor design to Google Drive.

What's the difference between cropping and resizing?

Learn the difference between these two popular image editing techniques.

How to Use Color in Your Editor Design

Learn about incorporating color in Shutterstock Editor designs.

Shutterstock Editor: Download Formats

See the various download formats for the Shutterstock Editor. Whether it's JPG, PNG, [...]

Downloading your design to Dropbox

Learn how to save your final Shutterstock Editor design to Dropbox.

How to Perfectly Align Images, Shapes, and Text in Shutterstock Editor

Learn about perfectly balancing the elements in your Shutterstock Editor designs.

Saving a Design in Editor

Learn how to save your designs in Shutterstock Editor.

How To Create Shareable Content for Twitter

Learn how to create engaging content for Twitter in Shutterstock Editor.

Replacing an Image in the Editor App

Learn how to easily replace images in Shutterstock Editor.

Understanding Editor Advanced Filters

Learn about using Shutterstock Editor's advanced filters.

Sharing Your Design on Social Media

Learn about sharing your designs on Twitter and Pinterest

Editing Social Media Image Sizes

See how the Shutterstock Editor helps you edit images to fit the correct social [...]

How to Use Preview Mode in Editor

Learn all about Shutterstock Editor's preview mode.

How to Use Shapes in Shutterstock Editor

Learn about using shapes in Shutterstock Editor.

Shutterstock Editor: Using Preset Sizes

Learn how to use preset sizes with the Shutterstock Editor. Tailor your image sizes [...]

Shutterstock Editor: Resize and Rotate Objects

See how to resize and rotate objects within the Shutterstock Editor. Easily correct [...]

Shutterstock Editor: Creating Multi-page Designs

Learn about how to create multi-page designs in Shutterstock Editor. Make engaging [...]

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