Billing and Payments

How do I turn off Auto Renewal?

Have a question about Auto Renewal or plan cancellation?

How do I cancel my Shutterstock plan?

Cancellation eligibility varies by plan. Learn more here.

Does Shutterstock collect sales and other taxes?

Learn about Shutterstock’s tax collection policy.

I have an annual plan with monthly billing. Can I turn off Auto Renewal?

Yes, but this won’t stop your monthly billing. Learn more here.

Does Shutterstock charge any cancellation fees?

For certain plans, an early cancellation fee may be assessed. Learn more here.

How do I get an invoice?

While we don't provide invoices for online purchases, receipts are readily available [...]

How can I change my account information?

Reviewing and editing your account information is simple. Read on for details.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Payment via Paypal is not currently supported. We do, however, offer other [...]

How does Auto Renewal work?

Exactly how does Auto Renewal work on my account? Learn more here.

How do I get a receipt?

All receipts are stored in your account, so you can access and/or print them [...]

VAT charges on past purchases

A valid VAT number must be provided at the time of your order. For past charges [...]

Can I pay by bank or wire transfer?

Yes! Contact Shutterstock Support to get an invoice and instructions on paying via [...]

How do I give you my VAT number?

If you have a VAT number, you will need to enter it in your account here. If [...]

What’s this charge from STK*Shutterstock?

If you saw a charge from STK*Shutterstock, it’s for a Shutterstock image, video, or [...]

Why does my invoice say “Shutterstock Netherlands” on it?

If your invoice indicates Shutterstock Netherlands, BV., along with a Netherlands [...]

Why can’t I remove my credit card from my account?

There are a couple potential reasons for this. Read on for more info.

Can I pay by purchase order or periodic invoicing?

We are happy to offer various payment methods, such as credit card and bank [...]

Why is my card not being accepted?

If you’re having problems completing credit card purchases online, we will gladly [...]

Can I pay by check?

Shutterstock does accept payment by check or money order, but it may delay your [...]

What does "reverse charge" mean?

This means that we've added your VAT number to your order, removing VAT from your [...]

How do I apply a discount code to my purchase?

If you’ve received a discount code, you can use it toward any Shutterstock Standard [...]

When will I be billed for Auto Renewal?

It depends on which plan you have. Learn more here.

I’m in the Netherlands. Why do I have to pay VAT now?

Customers outside the US/Canada who purchased their first product from us on or [...]

Does turning off Auto Renewal remove access to my existing downloads?

No, your existing downloads will remain intact until your pack or plan expires.

Why do I see multiple currencies listed on my receipt?

This is due to European Union regulations that require invoices to show currency [...]

Does Shutterstock offer Auto Renewal on monthly subscription plans?

Yes, Auto Renewal is available for monthly subscriptions. Read on for more info.

What is Auto Renewal?

Auto Renewal is an easy way to ensure your available Shutterstock downloads remain [...]

Does Price Protection include the discount I got with my coupon?

Price Protection locks in the base price of your plan, excluding coupon discounts.

Does Shutterstock offer Auto Renewal on image packs?

Yes, Auto Renewal is available for image packs. Read on for more info.

Can I send you vendor forms?

In some cases, Shutterstock can agree to fill out and sign customer vendor [...]

Does my coupon carry over after my plan Auto Renews?

Coupon discounts do not carry over upon plan renewal. Learn more about this here.

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