Wildlife Video Cameras, Specs and More

It the past, filming wildlife at movie quality required large and expensive equipment and dedicated film crews. Modern technology has put amazing outdoors video within range of independent video enthusiasts, specifically HDSLR cameras. What should you look for in a wildlife video camera?

Wildlife Video Camera Essentials

HDSLR stands for hybrid digital single-lens reflex camera, and refers to a special type of digital camera that can capture amazing video in addition to great photographs. Here are some essentials:

  • HD video: Make sure your HDSLR records video at the resolution you need. High-definition 1080p video is a solid minimum, while some pros prefer shooting in stunning 4K.

  • Sensor size: A full frame 36 x 24mm sensor means a larger camera body but also better resolution than a 22.3×14.9mm APS-C sensor. There is often a tradeoff between camera weight and picture quality and cost, with higher measurements being desirable for clarity.

  • Lens magnification: Wildlife video generally means observing nature from a distance. HDSLRs are amazing because they allow for rapid lens changes. Check that your preferred camera model has a telephoto lens available.

  • Frames per second: Opt for a minimum FPS of 24p to ensure smooth video playback. Higher FPS counts of 96 or more allow for slow motion video, but also cost more and require more file storage space.

  • Silent operation: Features can’t help if camera sounds scare animals away.

  • Articulated video screen: With a movable screen, you can keep shooting wildlife even if you have to be in an uncomfortable position.

Tips for Great Results With Wildlife Video Cameras

  1. Always use manual focus mode.
  2. Take a professional tripod with smooth pan and tilt operation.
  3. Use a neutral density lens filter for split-second lighting changes.
  4. Carry more than enough memory cards for once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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