Why Do We Use Film Techniques?

Creating a movie involves more than just designing attractive backdrops or choreographing action sequences. A large part of the art of filmmaking involves setting up different shots, camera angles and lighting effects. Why use film techniques?

Helping the Audience Understand the Action

Whether you’re shooting a short film, documentary, sci-fi flick or product advertisement, in order to hold the audience’s attention, you need to tell your story in a way they understand.

Long shots set up places and environments, while panning is useful for introducing new characters and following the action. Over-the-shoulder shots tell your audience exactly where to focus.

Creating a Personal Connection

In most cases, it’s best to make viewers feel like they’re part of the story. In an action film, for example, the audience roots for the hero, and exciting sequences get their adrenaline pumping. In commercial advertising, the objective is to ensure people identify with your message.

  • Mid shots
  • Close up shots
  • Eye-level camera angles

These types of shots and angles help viewers to feel comfortable with your characters. They can observe body language and emotions, which is key to towards involving people in the story.

Setting the Mood

Films and advertisements have the deepest effect when they reach people’s emotions. Good acting and background music play a part in this, but film techniques are especially essential.

  • Lighting tone
  • Illumination and shadows
  • High or low filming angles

Bright backdrops can communicate happiness, satisfaction and relaxation. They also seem clean and pure. Dark, shadowy shots are more ominous, dangerous or sad. Traditional film noir relies heavily on shadows and high camera angles to keep audiences on the edge of their seat with suspense.

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