Why should I use vectors in creative projects?

Vector graphics are images that are made up of mathematical equations. This has the distinct advantage on bitmap images, in that they are inherently resolution-independent. Bitmap images are made up of pixels, which means they are resolution-dependent. It is impossible to scale bitmap images and maintain the same resolution. Contrastingly, with vector graphics, you can scale them to any size easily while maintaining a crystal clear resolution.

There are a few distinct advantages that vector graphics bring to the table:

  1. As we have already mentioned, they are easily scalable. It always maintains its sharpness.
  2. Vector graphics are easily editable. You can change color, shape, size, layout, and more with ease using Adobe Illustrator or another vector graphics editor.
  3. Vector graphics have significantly smaller file sizes than bitmap images, since they use paths instead of pixels.
These are all compelling reasons to use vector graphics, but if this is the case, why don’t we use them for everything? The simple answer is, vector graphics will never be able to duplicate the image quality of bitmap images. They will always look as though they are made up of paths, because they are. Therefore, using vector graphics is perfect for brand logos and other creative projects.

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