Why Should I Try Mirrorless Cameras?

If you're already happy with your DSLR camera, you may be wondering, "why mirrorless camera?" Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras were created as an alternative to DSLR cameras and have many of the same capabilities. The differences between the two means that each performs better in certain situations than the other. Therefore, if you frequently find yourself shooting in situations where a MILC tends to perform better, you might want to consider making the switch, or at least adding a MILC to your photography toolset alongside your DSLR

MILCs tend to be lighter and more compact than DSLRs because the former lacks the movable mechanical mirror that is integral to the latter. That makes the MILC more portable and maneuverable if you're taking pictures on the move and need to travel light.

Mirrorless cameras also tend to have an advantage when it comes to shooting multiple images in quick succession, and for the same reason: they are not hampered by the movement of the mirror. A mirrorless camera also offers you the option of an electronic shutter, which allows you to shoot silently and at a faster rate, and a physical shutter, which yields better results.

If you want to shoot the highest quality video, you should know that mirrorless cameras are more likely to be able to capture 4K resolution than DSLR cameras. Mirrorless cameras also use a more accurate autofocus for video than most DSLRs, preventing the image from blurring in the middle of the video.

Although high-end DSLRs have made some improvements when it comes to video quality and shooting speed, if you're in the market for a new camera anyway and you find yourself frequently shooting video, taking rapid-succession images, or traveling, you may wish to try a mirrorless camera instead.

Once you have your cinematic-quality video from your mirrorless camera or high-end DSLR, you can incorporate 4K and HD stock footage to make it even more impressive. Our stock video library with millions of high-quality clips covers just about every imaginable topic.

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