Which cameras are good for filmmaking?

Luckily, there are a lot of good filmmaking cameras out there, from the hobbyist level to more advanced. DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are a great starting point that can also be used for the photography enthusiast. Cinema cameras are also available for more hardcore filmmakers that want to really break into the space with high quality video.

DSLRs have a wide variety of impressive lenses and provide great quality, even in low light. Different DSLRs are available in full frame or cropped frame, which depending on your application can be best to give you a larger or smaller angle. DSLRs are particularly good for high-motion applications like sports or wildlife videography.

Mirrorless cameras are small and offer really great autofocus capabilities for video shooting. Moreover, there are new mirrorless cameras with impressive low light performance. There are mirrorless cameras out now that even have a full frame sensor, so they can give you that wide angle view a lot of videographers need.

Cinema cameras make the shooting process the easiest, but also tend to cost significantly more than DSLR and mirrorless alternatives. A lot of cinema cameras put image at the forefront. This is ideal for those aiming for the true movie look, but tends to come at the sacrifice of size. Cinema cameras tend to be much larger than DSLR and mirrorless alternatives.

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