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Where to Buy Stock Photos

If you're searching for the perfect stock photos for your business, Shutterstock has more than 300 million royalty-free images to choose from. We've come up with affordable pricing plans for casual users, small businesses, and large teams, so that you get the most value possible. You can also try our free trial for starters and get 10 free images. Below, we've outlined the four primary ways a user can buy stock photos on Shutterstock, whether you need a Standard or Enhanced License. 

What is a Standard License?

At Shutterstock, most of our pricing plans come with our Standard License. If you're using the photo in a book, ad campaign, package label, or magazine, you can produce up to 500,000 copies with a standard license. You can also use the photo in a video project, as long as the production budget is under $10,000. However, you cannot use Standard License photos on any merchandise. 

What is an Enhanced License?

On the other hand, an Enhanced License removes some of these restrictions, so it's a better choice for large businesses and publications. It allows for unlimited use of a stock photo in all media, including TV, books, and the web. You can also utilize a stock photo for merchandise, such as t-shirts or mugs. For more information about the two license types, here is a handy comparison page.

Basic Image Packs

If you only need a few stock photos for a one-off project, this a la carte approach will get the job done. Choose between 2, 5, or 25 images in each pack (not all plans are available in all regions), and these will be tied to your account. Once you've purchased a plan, you can search the entire Shutterstock library for the ideal image, and then click the Download button to use one of your image credits. Images must be downloaded within one year of purchasing a basic pack, so we recommend choosing a plan that you'll actually use. If you ever need more images, it's always easy to purchase another pack. Available with our Standard or Enhanced License.

Professional Plans 

Next, our professional plans are perfect for a small business or design studio. These are offered in a monthly or yearly subscription format, depending on your needs. Choose between a 350- or 750-image subscription, with no daily download limits or image size restrictions. With this plan, all images are tied to one Shutterstock account.   

Team Plans

Finally, if you're working with a larger design team and need multi-user access to the Shutterstock library, our team plans offer the most value and flexibility. With this yearly subscription, you can have 2, 3, 4, or more users accessing the same plan, and download up to 1,000 images per month. Pricing for our team plan depends on how many user accounts you need. Team plans come with our Standard License. 

Custom/Corporate Plans

For those situations that require an Enhanced Licenses, flexible usage, or a larger number of users, we offer customized corporate plans. These plans are designed to fit the needs of various types of customers.

To learn more about Shutterstock's subscription plans (including enterprise-level and custom plans), click here. We invite you to sign up for a free browse account, explore our vast library, and decide which plan is right for your needs.    

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