What video editing means

Video editing is all about cutting different pieces of footage to flow and transition more smoothly into a complete video. Editing is all done post production, along with titling, color correction, graphics additions, sound mixing, and more.

Video editing has several specific goals. First, you want to remove unnecessary footage. This includes any video that is out of place or flawed to the point where it hinders the video quality. It’s important to choose the best footage available for your video, so you can put your best foot forward and make sure you are making the highest quality video. Next, you want to develop a proper flow with your video. Tell a story or provide information in a way that makes sense. This may involve rearranging video clips in ways you didn’t expect. Ensuring a proper flow is the most important part of this. Add effects that not only make sense, but also make your video pop. Adding additional elements can dramatically alter the style of the video and truly set the scene. Piggyback off of this with interesting music and more visual effects to boost the setting even more.

Editing brings these aspects together to take a relatively mundane set of video clips and turn it into an intriguing and inspiring story. Don’t limit yourself into thinking the video clips you have are the best your final product can get. Post production can truly change the shape of a video for the better.

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