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What Various Ways Can I Draw in Illustrator?

Adobe offers an app for the iPhone or iPad that allows you to draw shapes, freeform illustrating and lines with a photo layer and ten drawing layers. It’s easy enough to upload a photo from your current photo roll and draw, then upload the finished image to be usable on all devices. We have a few tips for helping you get started when you want to draw on the go.
How to Draw in Illustrator
The first step to using Illustrator is to open a new project in Work view. You can select a format and then choose the image from your camera roll. You may also opt to use a stock photo from a company like Shutterstock. You can zoom the image with a two-finger pinch and reduce the opacity by tapping the image layer. At that point, you’ll want to get the image ready to trace by moving the image layer below the draw layer.
  • Freehand or Trace: There are an eraser and five brushes in the main toolbar. If you hold your finger down on the brush it will show you the types of available brushes. To change size and opacity controls, drag your finger up or down. You can change brush settings such as taper, angle and roundness in your brush settings.
  • Color: Once you’ve chosen a brush, choose the color you want to paint with. There are built-in color schemes in Illustrator, or you can mix your own colors using the picker. If you create a favorite color and want to save it to your library, tap the + button. This will save the color across all Adobe apps for you to use.
  • Shapes and Layers: Colors and objects can be placed on separate layers to organize a drawing. When you tap a layer, you’ll see more options and you can give the layer its own name. The layer can be hidden or shown when you tap the eye icon.
  • Drawing Modes: With Illustrator, you can choose to draw inside an object, behind an object or normal. Experiment with different drawing modes in the main tool panel to determine where you want your writing or drawing.
With Illustrator, you have a whole new world of options available to you when you want to edit a stock photo image from Shutterstock. From freestyling to organized shapes and layers, create your own art and connect it across devices so it is always accessible when you need it. Browse our huge selection of photos today to get started.
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