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What is the Shutterstock API?

Shutterstock’s image library is among the largest in the world, and we’ve made it easy to tap into this resource with our API. An API (application programming interface) makes it easy for third parties to build tools that connect with Shutterstock’s content.

Our API allows your users to search for and download Shutterstock images directly within your product/system. Connect your customers to Shutterstock content for use in your products, or give your employees access to the Shutterstock library. Or become an affiliate or reseller and earn a commission with each sale. The possibilities are vast.

Some examples include:

  • AOL writers and editors can search, preview, and license Shutterstock images directly within AOL’s internal CMS
  • Microsoft Powerpoint integrates with Shutterstock images to allow users to try images in their presentations for free and then license them seamlessly within Powerpoint
  • Facebook’s ad creation tool allows businesses and marketers to incorporate Shutterstock images into ads

To learn more about how your company can integrate with Shutterstock images, contact us today.

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