What is the Rolling Edit Tool in Adobe Premiere?

Adobe Premiere's rolling edit tool allows you to retain the length of a particular scene, while also moving around the edit points. For example, if you have two clips in sequence that are 10 seconds long, and you want to adjust where the first clip ends and the second clip begins, you can use the rolling edit tool to do this without changing the overall length. Below, we've shown how to perform rolling edits in Premiere, so you can speed up the editing process and stop shifting clips around like a jigsaw puzzle. 

1. First, open your current Premiere project and look for the main toolbar, which is typically located in the top left section of your screen. The rolling edit tool looks like four arrows bisected by a thick line, so click on the icon or press the N key. In fact, many of the editing shortcuts are located on the bottom row of your keyboard, and Premiere's developers did this on purposes so that you could make edits more quickly. 

2. Next, look for two clips in the timeline that can benefit from a rolling edit. For example, if one clip drags on too long, you can click on the edit point and drag it backwards until your clip is the desired length. As you do this, the next clip in the timeline will be extended to fill up the empty space. 

3. Remember, the rolling edit tool can only extend footage to its start ("head") or end point ("tail"). Once it reaches that point, the clip will not extend any further. As you shift the edit point, your program monitor (i.e. the right screen) will display both clips simultaneously. The last frame of your first clip is shown on the left, while the first frame of your second clip is shown on the right. This allows you to be precise with your rolling edit. 

4. The rolling edit tool is also extremely useful when performing a multi-camera edit, because you can cut seamlessly between different shots and keep the overall length intact. Let's say you've already done a rough cut, but you want to tighten up the edit points and reduce awkward transitions. Just watch the sequence with your rolling edit tool enabled, and whenever you notice a camera wobble or hyper cut, you can shift the edit point as needed.

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