What is the Path Selection Tool in Adobe Photoshop?

Below, we've shared how Photoshop's Path Selection tool can be used to isolate individual (or multiple) paths, so you can make precise edits without affecting the rest of your image. 

What is a Path?
Lines and shapes in Photoshop are called paths, and they're typically created with the Pen or Shape tools. These paths are constructed from line segments and anchor points, which can be stretched and contracted to alter your shape. Every anchor point also has a straight line that extends perpendicular to it, with a point at the end called a direction point. Dragging on a direction point will change the curve of that particular line segment.   

What is the Path Selection Tool?
Once you've created a path, you can select and move it with the Path Selection tool. Located in the Tools panel, it looks like a plain black mouse pointer. As you continue through the creative process, this handy tool makes it easy to refine a specific section of your image, without affecting the paths around it. 

Selecting a Single Path
First, open your current Photoshop project, and choose the Path Selection tool from the Tools panel (or press the A key). Then find the "Select" setting in the top options panel, and make sure it's set to "All Layers". This will allow you to select any path in the project, even if it's not currently active. 

Now, click on the path that you want to edit. A thin box should appear around your path when it's selected, and the path will also turn blue in the Layers panel. You can also click on the path in the Layers panel to select it as well. From here, click and drag on the path to move it.

Selecting Multiple Paths
With the Path Selection tool enabled, you can click and drag to draw a box on your project, and any paths within that box will be selected. You can also hold down the Shift key and click on each path individually to add it to your greater selection, or hold Shift while clicking on two paths in the Layers panel to select every path in between. You'll notice that all of these paths will become active, and their anchor points will be visible as well. 

When you've finished adjusting the current selection, you can deselect the paths by clicking outside of selected area. Have fun, experiment, and use path-based tools to expedite your creative projects!
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