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What is Shutterstock's Premier platform?

Shutterstock’s Premier platform offers unique tools and workflows to meet even the most advanced stock content needs. Your company’s content can be licensed under a customized Master Service Agreement. Take a look at some of the features Premier offers:

  • Unlimited seat access
  • Subaccounts with managed permissions
  • Batch downloading
  • Add custom metadata upon download
  • Share assets across organization
  • Third party rights transferability*
  • Sensitive use rights*
  • Region- and language-specific account managers
  • Increased legal protection
  • Unlimited unwatermarked comps*
  • Customizable payment options: pay-as-you-go or buy in bulk 
  • Premier Select content
  • API access

The Premier platform is available with our Media and Premier licenses that provide customized licensing and workflow options. Interested in learning about how the Premier platform can work for you? Contact us today.

*These features are available with certain license options.

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