What is Shutterstock's Premier license?

In an effort to ensure that our customers are able to use images, music tracks and stock video clips legally and without future ramifications, we offer several levels of licensing. The strongest license we offer is the Shutterstock Premier license. This type of license was designed with the needs of enterprise clients in mind and allow for customization, ease of downloading and the ability to share assets quickly and easily.
Standard License
Understanding all levels of Shutterstock licensing may help our customers to determine what level of license will work best for their needs. The Standard Shutterstock License is our default option and is offered with all of our basic image packs, our professional (single-seat) and team subscriptions. With this license, purchasers have the rights to unlimited digital use, up to 500,000 uses in print runs such as posters, books and magazines and in out-of-home advertising. If TV, film or online video productions have a budget up to $10,000 USD, purchased files may also be used for unlimited viewers.
Enhanced License
The Enhanced Shutterstock License, on the other hand, can be used an unlimited number of times in all of the previously mentioned categories and can also be used in web or print templates, merchandise and in decoration in a commercial space.
Premier License
The Premier Shutterstock License has many benefits that are not available with the lower-level licenses.  These include:
  1. Sensitive use rights
  2. Unlimited indemnification
  3. Third party rights transferability
  4. Use in merchandise and templates
  5. High-resolution unwatermarked comps
Premier Platform
The purchase of a Premier license gives users the ability to access Shutterstock’s Premier Platform as well.  This platform offers unique tools and workflows and can be used to meet very advanced content needs. In this platform, your company’s content can be licensed under a Master Services agreement. Some of the Premier Platform features include:
  1. Unlimited seat access
  2. Batch downloading
  3. Sensitive rights use
  4. Subaccounts with managed permissions
  5. Increased legal protection
  6. API access
  7. Unlimited unwatermarked comps available with certain license options
  8. Ability to add custom metadata upon download
  9. Region and language-specific account managers

Set up a Premier License Today
The easiest way to set up to attain a Premier license is by contacting our customer service representatives. Whether you prefer to converse over the phone or through an email conversation, we have customer support agents standing by who are ready to assist. Simply reach out today and find out how the Premier license can help your business to grow in just the right direction. 

Need additional usage permissions?
Shutterstock Premier offers unlimited comps, third party rights transfer, bulk downloading, sensitive use, and more. Let us help get you set up.
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