What is PMS color chart?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a system for keeping consistency across multiple forms of media. It standardizes a set of colors into the PMS color chart so that multiple manufacturers across locations can ensure colors match, without having to communicate directly between themselves. The PMS color chart is an incredibly useful standard for designers and manufacturers to follow. It was originally created by the Pantone corporation, but is now considered a standard by ink manufacturers everywhere.

The PMS color chart consists of thousands of colors, often referred to as spot colors. These colors are very often used for single-color applications like business cards or logos. They extend beyond CMYK, a four-color process, for mixing with dozens of colors. PMS is widely regarded in the color community, so much so that you can find it in Adobe Illustrator to match color guides with digital colors.

It can be markedly cheaper to use the PMS color system when using three or fewer colors. It is also considered to be the best system to use with orange, greys, and navy blues. Due to the ink being mixed before printing begins, it is considered to be an excellent tool to normalize company branding colors.

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Use the PMS color chart to maintain color quality across applications and manufacturers. Be sure to check out our millions of royalty-free images for PMS colors and additional categories, from abstract, to vintage, to wallpaper.


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