What is photo stacking?

Photo stacking, also known as the long exposure stacking technique, blends multiple pictures together to create a similar image to a long exposure photo. It is unique in that it takes much less time to create than an actual long exposure photo. This technique is most frequently used with landscape photography.

The photo stacking method has many different positives. It is able to reduce digital noise and hot pixels, and also decreases the time it usually taken to create a long exposure photo. Visually, it can reduce vignetting, and allows the photographer to choose the strength of the long exposure manually.

This technique is divisive amongst photographers. Purists do not tend to like it, and some photography competitions do not allow it. However, it is an effective technique if you have some post-processing skills and can create a beautiful image. The method ensures you can catch the exact moment you want, instead of worrying about the time it takes for a long exposure image.

In order to stack the photos you take, you can relatively easily use Photoshop. You can choose to do this manually, or to use the stack function. The stack function was specifically designed for this purpose.

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