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What is FCPX and FCP?

What Is FCPX or FCP?

When it comes to editing video files, there are many different options for the software you use. One of the most commonly used pieces of technology is called Final Cut Pro, or FCP. It allows you to handle all the different aspect of post production video editing, including cutting clips, adding effects, managing the sound, color correcting, and more. It also allows you to export finished video files in useful, high quality formats that you can save and share. Whether you need a program the edit video files professionally or just for your personal needs, Final Cut Pro is a powerful and versatile program that will meet your needs.

The Difference Between FCPX and FCP

You may be wondering, "What is FCPX?" This stands for Final Cut Pro X, but what is it and what is the difference between it and Final Cut Pro? It is no wonder that so many users are confused about these two products, because many people simply call FCPX "Final Cut Pro." Even the page where you can buy FCPX from Apple leaves off the X. Simply put, FCPX is the most recent version of FCP. In a broad sense, there is very little difference between them, but once you get into the small details, they are vastly different applications. The location of features and the layout of the user interface were completely redone when FCPX was released. Apple did release a helpful booklet that covers all the technical differences between the two versions. FCP was released in 2009 and FCPX was released in 2011, but has received updates and support continuously ever since.

Using Final Cut Pro

Both FCP and FCPX use a timeline to allow users to make edits to video files. You can place all your clips on the timeline to make it easy to reorder and clip them, essentially creating a sequence of finished clips from beginning to end. Afterward, you can begin making more advanced adjustments to the clips, such as by opening the color correction window or going into the audio processor. There are more powerful tools dedicated to these specific tasks, but Final Cut provides the fundamentals right in the program.

Buying Final Cut Pro

If you want to buy Final Cut Pro X from Apple, it will set you back $300. You can no longer purchase FCP from Apple, although it is still available from other sources. 
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