What is background image opacity?

Background image opacity is the amount to which a background image is transparent. Some background images may already be partially transparent, while others you may wish to alter to make transparent. These images can be of any color, size, shape, or design.

There are many reasons you would want to alter a background image and change the opacity. For example, if you are working with a logo, you may want the background of the logo to be completely transparent.

You can easily set the background image opacity in Photoshop using the Layer Opacity tool. When opacity is set to 1, the image is not transparent at all. When it is set to 0.5, it is 50% transparent. Accordingly, when it is set to 0, the image is completely transparent. Any layer, not just limited to the background image, can have an opacity between 1 and 0.

In order for a transparent background to show, you need to ensure that you are saving the image as a PNG or GIF file. PNG and GIF formats both accept transparency. In contrast, a JPEG file automatically saves transparency with a white background, because the file format does not support a transparent background.

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