What is Adobe Shockwave Player?

In this brief walkthrough, we've outlined the basics of Adobe Shockwave Player, so that you can take advantage of this rich multimedia platform. Shockwave Player is free, easy to download for PC or Mac, and designed to run smoothly on various browsers. 

What is Adobe Shockwave Player? 
Adobe Shockwave Player is a software plugin that allows access to Adobe Shockwave content, such as animations and interactive games. Typically, the content is embedded in a web page, and it loads automatically once you've downloaded the plugin. Designers can use the Adobe Director platform to create projects with vector graphics, raster graphics, audio, and more,  Over 450 million computers have Shockwave Player installed.

How are Shockwave Player and Flash Player different?
Even though Adobe owns Flash and Shockwave now, the two platforms can be used to achieve distinct creative goals. As a general rule of thumb, Shockwave Player shows content from Adobe Director, and Flash Player shows content from Flash Professional. Shockwave excels at gaming and interactive simulations, while Flash is ideal for website interfaces and advertising.

How can I fix Shockwave playback issues?
Some web browsers come with a pre-installed copy of Shockwave Player, but this may cause problems when you try to update the software. 

To fix these issues, go to Settings > Apps on your PC (or the Applications folder on Mac) and delete the Shockwave Player application. Then, make sure your browser has been updated to the latest version, and reinstall Shockwave Player.

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