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What Is Adobe Premiere Pro?

What Is Adobe Premiere Pro?

As artists look to computers to enhance their work, software becomes more optimized and more flexible to let any person’s creativity run wild. Software developers everywhere are putting out lots of programs for creative professionals, and Adobe is no exception. Premiere Pro is just one of Adobe’s many contributions to digital creation. 

What Is Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is a piece of software that is used for editing videos. While it’s advanced enough for professional editors, its efficient interface makes it user-friendly for amateurs and hobbyists as well. 

After you shoot a video, you can import it into Premiere Pro to start the editing process. You can change the order of film sequences, cut in new audio, add transitions or captions and much more. A common feature in many editing programs, including Premiere Pro, is a timeline. This is where you’ll organize each component of your film. A preview window allows you to see how it all comes together. 

What Makes Premiere Pro Unique?

With the trend of virtual reality making a sweeping comeback, it’s a huge advantage to have software that allows you to manipulate 360-degree footage. Premiere Pro lets you do that. 

Because Premiere Pro belongs to a suite of several other software programs, Adobe integrates these other programs flawlessly. For example, if you wanted to edit a still image in your timeline, you could choose to “edit in Photoshop.” Any changes you save in Photoshop will automatically take effect in Premiere Pro. Additional integration includes a free mobile app called Premiere Clip that makes it easy to film on-the-run and then later import to Premiere to edit your footage. 

Apart from these game-changing advantages, you also have more collaboration tools than you might see with similar software. This is great if you’re working on a big project with a team of several people. 

How Do You Buy Premiere Pro?

Rather than spending a wad of cash up front, Adobe uses a subscription service that gives you Premiere Pro for a monthly or yearly fee. You have the option of choosing only Premiere Pro or upgrading to gain access to all programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Along with this subscription, you’re guaranteed to always have the most up-to-date software at no extra charge. 

Aim Higher With Your Projects

So what is Premiere Pro? It’s premium video editing software that does more than the token programs included on most computers. Your projects will simply turn out better. If you really want your videos to shine, Shutterstock has the absolute best stock images for all your montage and B-roll needs. 
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