What is Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate makes it easy to create e-learning software about any subject matter. Whether you need a practice quiz, a course series, or a video tutorial for your class, this versatile program does it all. In this walkthrough, we've outlined Captivate's most important features, so you can make the most of this rapid authoring tool. 
What is Adobe Captivate?
Captivate records your computer screen and microphone inputs, so that you can make a tutorial with the applications and files on the screen. This is also known as "screencasting". 
The original screen recording software, called Flashcam, was acquired by eHelp Corporation and renamed RoboDemo. Then, Macromedia acquired eHelp, and Adobe acquired Macromedia. They changed the unfortunate RoboDemo name to Captivate, and the software has been evolving since 2006.
How Can I Use Captivate?
Here are a few of the most common applications for the screencasting software: 

  • Software Demonstration: Video hosts can show off a program's features, especially if they require a few steps to explain. Most people are visual learners, so it's extremely helpful to see the software interface while hearing the host's instructions.  
  • Online Course: When teaching an online curriculum, you don't have the luxury of seeing students in person. Captivate allows you to integrate visual media into a lecture, such as slides, videos, and other online resources.  
  • Webinar: Seminar organizers may choose to record their live event and share it online, and Captivate makes it easy. Your video editor can switch between a live-action shot of the lecturer and the screen-captured video. In some ways, webinars are even better than being there. You can pause the video at any time to take notes, and replay sections if necessary.  
  • File Conversion: Once you've created a Captivate project file, you can save it as an .mp4 video, .swf (Flash format), or .html file. If you already have an .swf file on your hard drive, you can use Captivate to convert it to other formats. This also works when you need to convert a Powerpoint presentation to .html or .swf. 
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