What is a Wallpaper?

What is a Wallpaper?
Also known as a desktop background, a wallpaper is a static image for your operating system. There are millions of free and paid computer wallpapers online, which you can use to transform your digital workspace. Mobile phones and tablet computers also have wallpaper backgrounds, which decorate the home screen. Every device comes with a default wallpaper, which is usually a nature-themed stock image or solid color. 

Mac OS refers to the wallpaper as a "desktop picture", while newer Windows PCs call it a "desktop background". Even though these terms are interchangeable in everyday conversation, we recommend using the catch-all "wallpaper" for simplicity's sake.   

Tips for Selecting a Wallpaper

  • Find a High-Resolution File: Before selecting a wallpaper, go into your computer's control panel and determine the screen resolution. For example, standard monitors have a 1600 x 1200 resolution. Your wallpaper should have the same amount of pixels, or greater. 
  • Choose a Matching Aspect Ratio: Once you know the screen resolution, you can also determine the aspect ratio. For example, if you divide 1600 x 1200 into the smallest possible fraction, you get a 4:3 ratio. Your wallpaper dimensions should match this ratio, so that the image doesn't get stretched. 
  • Look for Calming Images: Finally, we recommend choosing a simple and peaceful image that keeps you centered during a stressful workday. Nature photos, minimalist patterns, and color gradients are great places to start.  
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