What is a Transition in Powerpoint?

Microsoft Powerpoint can be used as an educational tool or a torture device, depending on the user. The ubiquitous program has been the best choice for students, teachers, and employees to share a variety of media in a slideshow format. In this practical guide, we've shared how to create smooth transitions between Powerpoint slides, so that your presentation is delivered in a captivating way. 

What is a transition in Powerpoint?
If your Powerpoint presentation were a movie, each of the slides would be individual shots. Just like a movie, you can add transitions between these slides, so that they fade, wipe, and reveal the next slide in the sequence. The latest version of Powerpoint has dozens of exciting transitions to choose from, and many of them transform your screen into an animated wonderland. When used sparingly, checkerboards, honeycombs, origami, and many other animations will mesmerize your audience.

How can I add a new transition?
First, go to the Thumbnail Pane and select the slide that needs a transition. By default, if you choose Slide 4, Powerpoint will add the transition between Slide 3 and 4.

Next, click on the Transitions tab and choose a transition from the gallery. Clicking on the dropdown arrow will expand the gallery and show all the available transitions. Clicking on the transition (or the "Preview" button) will play a preview, so you know exactly how it looks before saving any changes.  

For even more control over the transition, click the Effect Options button to tweak the direction, speed ("Duration"), and the sound effects (or lack thereof). Entering a larger number in the "Duration" box will make the transition move slower. In the "Sound" box, you can select a sound from the available Powerpoint options, or add a new sound file on your hard drive by clicking "Other Sound".  

How can I remove a transition?
First, locate where the transition ends. If you want to remove a transition that starts on Slide 2 and ends on Slide 3, click on Slide 3 in the Thumbnail Pane. Then, select the Transitions tab from the top menu and change the current transition to "None". 

To remove every transition from your current Powerpoint project, press CTRL+A to select all of your slides. Then, click on the Transitions tab and choose "None" from the gallery. This change will be applied to all of your slides. 

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