What are Prosumer Cameras

You're not a professional photographer but you're also not an amateur. As a result, you need a quality camera that has a price point that falls somewhere between the cost of a professional camera and a consumer camera. You need a prosumer camera. But, what is a prosumer camera? We're glad you asked.

Prosumer Camera, Explained

Consumer cameras are designed for ease of use, which is why most functions on a consumer camera are automatic. While automatic functions take the guess work out of photography, they can be limiting. A professional camera, on the other hand, is usually manual. Moreover, many essential components on a professional camera, such as the flash and lens, are often separate, as many professionals are particular about the mechanisms they use.

A prosumer camera is a mix of a consumer and professional camera, as its name implies. A prosumer camera is still fairly basic in terms of functionality. However, it grants more control to the user when it comes to focus, which means you can practice the Ken Burns effect or use depth-of-field effect, both of which are difficult to do with an automatic camera. However, this ability is still limited as, in order to expand your range of focus, you need to switch out the lens, something you cannot do with most prosumer models. Additionally, manual focus on a prosumer model is typically controlled via a built-in menu on the body of the camera rather than by rotating the lens as you would with a traditional professional camera.

That said, picture quality is pretty impressive with a prosumer model. For this reason, many hobbyists prefer prosumer cameras over basic, consumer cameras.

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