DSLR Cameras and Their Advantages

If you own a DSLR camera, you know they're big, heavy and expensive. If you're looking at buying a camera, you may have noticed more or less the same. You may also wonder why anyone would choose a DSLR camera over a compact digital model. Before you jump to conclusions about the DSLR, you should first answer the question of what is a DSLR camera and then look into the benefits of owning one—because there are plenty.

The Basics of a DSLR

The D in DSLR stands for "digital," the S for "single lens"—which means the camera contains a single lens that both admits light and serves as a viewfinder—and the R for "reflex," or "reflection." The reflection refers to the phenomenon that allows you to look through the lens and make an exposure at the same time.

Why Own a DSLR

Though there are certainly pitfalls to owning a DSLR such as size and expense, there are far more benefits. The top three benefits of this type of camera are as follows:
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Image Quality

Digital cameras are fast, but DSLRs are even faster. Because of their complexity, they focus more quickly than standard digital cameras, an advantage that is more obvious in low light conditions. A DSLR can also take more frames per second, which is ideal for a photographer who wants to take photos of moving subjects. A standard digital photo cannot take photos of a moving subject.

In addition to being fast, DSLRs are flexible. Unlike with standard digital cameras, you can add the lens and flashes of your choice and change them out to fit your needs. This means better aperture, more control of depth of field and the ability to use flashguns, which help diffuse flashes and eliminate red eye

Finally, the image quality of photos taken with DSLRs is far better than that of digital images. This is because DSLRs capture photos in RAW mode, which means more precise detail and more flexibility when it comes time to edit.

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