What are vector graphics?

Vector graphics are images created from mathematical equations or commands that put lines in a particular 2D or 3D space. They are a combination of points and paths, which lends itself to a lot of flexibility. They allow for deep editing, tweaking, and scalability, so you can create a vector graphic that is totally customized to your application.

It’s important to use vector graphics, especially when creating brand logos. With vector graphics, you can easily scale images to any size, since they are made from equations. If you need to blow up your brand logo to print for a poster, or scale it down to fit on a mobile phone, you can easily accomplish it with a vector graphic. Furthermore, vector graphics are easily editable. You can quickly change colors, shape, sizes, layouts, and more with vector graphics.

Vector graphics are compatible for editing in Adobe Illustrator and other vector editors. Many Shutterstock images are available as vector graphics and downloadable in the EPS format. However, vector graphics are straightforward to convert to typical bitmap image formats like JPEG. You can use a conversion site, download vector images as JPEGs directly from the Shutterstock site, or convert using Adobe Illustrator.

Shutterstock has a library of millions of royalty-free vector graphics. Find the perfect graphic for your brand logo and more online today.

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