What To Use Vector Graphics For

Vector graphics are versatile images that scale endlessly, without loss of detail or image quality. This makes them valuable options for art projects, business-related graphics and marketing campaigns. What are vector graphics used for?

Eight Ways To Use Vector Graphics Effectively

1. Infographics:

Vector images are perfect for creating impactful Infographics. They’re readily moveable around the page, allowing designers to accommodate graphics and text in an attractive, easy-to-read way.

2. Artistic designs: While richly colored photographs can make an excellent impression in art projects, vector graphics provide their own unique take on illustration. Sometimes simplified contours and smooth colors fit your design vision better.

3. Business presentations:

Graphs, flowcharts and slides look incredible using vectors, and they remain clear and dynamic whether displayed on a computer screen or a huge projector.

4. Website creation:

Because the total file size for vectors is comparatively small, websites load faster without sacrificing any creativity.

5. Interior design:

Whether designing interesting home layouts from scratch, or deciding which options provide the most space, vector images allow you to reposition furniture and other smart objects without needing to redo everything.

6. Business logos:

Most businesses rely on vector graphics when it comes to designing amazing logos. Endless scalability means the same logo that works beautifully on things as small as business cards and gift pens can also adorn office décor and product labels.

7. Custom printing and embroidering:

T-shirt printing and other specialty promotional products work well with adjustable vectors. Images, logos and designs can be resized or rearranged to fit anything.

8. Billboard advertisements:

Scalability provides significant advantages in media that is larger than normal, such as posters, banners and massive billboards. Vectors are easy to resize, whereas photographs such as JPEGs require huge pixel counts to achieve such large sizes without degradation.

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